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The 7 Minute Chakra Tune Up
by Jonathan Goldman

Human silhouette in yoga pose with chakras

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A profoundly powerful chakra balancing meditation
in only 7 minutes!

In the tradition of the hour long award winning CD Chakra Chants, Jonathan Goldman has created this new abbreviated sonic experience to enhance everyone’s busy life. The sounds on this recording will help balance and align your chakras, creating greater health and harmony.

To receive maximum benefit from the experience, simple instructions are also included so that you may tone along with the chakra sounds yourself, and experience these additional therapeutic benefits.

This extraordinary recording created by Healing Sounds® pioneer Jonathan Goldman utilizes a system of vowels to resonate your chakras that he created in 1986. This system has become almost universally used for chakra balancing. Chakra balancing helps to bring about an optimal flow of energy through each chakra.


The healing benefits of using this recording include:

  • Deep relaxation—releasing stress and creating profound calmness
  • Enhanced physical energy and mental clarity
  • Balanced vibratory fields creating harmonization of body, mind & spirit
  • Increased levels of melatonin, a hormone associated with relaxation and healing
  • Release of endorphins-self-created opiates that work as “natural pain relievers”
  • Increased levels of nitric oxide, a molecule associated with promotion of healing Heightened consciousness and levels of awareness.

 The chakra image is courtesy of Lahrinda.
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