The Meaning of Tantra

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“Tantra” is Sanskrit, the ancient language of the Hindu tradition. Like many other sacred languages such as Hebrew or Tibetan, there is frequently not simply one singular meaning that can be applied to the words which we translate. Thus “tantra” is often translated as “continuum” or “unbroken stream” and indicates a flow of consciousness from ignorance to enlightenment. The word also translates as “web” or “warp” and encompasses all that is. Tantra represents the interconnecting energies between all things in this and other planes of existence. Other words used to describe tantra are: leading principle, essential part, model, system, framework, doctrine, rule, theory, scientific work, order, chief part, rule, authority, science, mystic works, magical formulas, means, expedient, stratagem, medicine.

What is Tantra of Sound?

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TANTRA.  The very word conjures up exciting images of incense filled rooms, full of throbbing bodies pulsating and vibrating in various degrees of orgasmic ecstasy.  Indeed, if you were to do an Internet search with the word “tantra”, you would find over a million and a half websites devoted to that word.  Almost all of these sites focus upon sex.  Sex is huge.  Sex sells.  We are a sex obsessed planet. And to many people, sex and tantra mean the same thing.  This, however, is simply not true.
There is great confusion today about the word tantra, and understandably so.  Depending upon the culture, tradition, viewpoint, teacher and level of awareness, “tantra” can mean different things to different people.  At healing sounds we’ve investigated numerous sources and were astounded by the variety of meanings that were applied to the word tantra and the teachings behind it.

Frequency + Intent = Healing

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“FREQUENCY + INTENT = HEALING”. Frequency of course, is the actual sound used. Healing was a term used to describe the process of putting something into its healthy resonance. Today I use the term “Frequency Shifting”.   Intent, in this formula, is the important ingredient. Intent is the energy behind the sound. It is the consciousness that is encoded into the sound. Intent is very important.
I began to realize that it might be possible for two people to make the same sound and have a very different response, depending upon the energy that was put into the sound. 

Your Voice is a Powerful Sound Healing Device

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Many new spiritual scientists, discoverers and therapists are working with the concept of resonant frequency healing to create balance.  Many are successful.   They have developed different instruments, machines, tapes and other sound devices which project the healthy resonant frequency of a body part, (or, for the matter, of the chakras) into a person.
While some of these devices may be very effective for restoring resonance back to that which is vibrating out of harmony, you all have within yourselves the most powerful, effective and wondrous device for healing that you can imagine. 

Harmonics and Healing Sounds

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Harmonics are there and yet not there, tangible and yet not tangible.  They are present and yet not noticed, until the shift begins to occur.  First our hearing changes – we can perceive things that are hidden.  Next, our voices change – we can create sounds that were not previously there.Then, our consciousness changes and other realities come into our awareness.
Sound healing focuses on the ability of harmonics to create vibrational changes. These changes may occur in the physical body or in the mental, emotional and etheric bodies. When these changes occur, they initiate transformation and healing.  

We Are Connected Through Sound

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In many different traditions and cultures of this planet, our connection to source is through sound. ‘In the beginning was the Word.’ The sound! The harmonics. This understanding is both spiritual and scientific. Everything is in a state of vibration.
Everything is frequency. Sound can change molecular structure. It can create form. We realize the potential of sonic energy; we understand that virtually anything can be accomplished through vibration. Then the miraculous seems possible. Through practice and experience with sacred intent, we can learn to shift our own frequencies using harmonics. These sounds can resonate our body, our brain and our etheric fields. We can change our vibrational rate through our own self-generated sounds.

Symphony of the Self – Your Body’s Resonant Frequency

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Every object has a natural vibratory rate. This is called its resonance. One of the basis principles of using sound as a transformative and healing modality is to understand the idea that part of the body is in a state of vibration. Every organ, every bone, every tissue, every system–all are in a state of vibration. Now, when we are in a state of health, the body puts out an overall harmonic of health. However, when a frequency that is counter to our health sets itself up in some portion of the body, it creates a disharmony that we call dis-ease. This is very simple to understand, yes?

Everything is Vibration

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Everything is vibration. From the chair that you may be sitting in to the computer you are reading this on, everything is in a state of vibration. This is not a new idea. Our ancient mystics have known this for many a millennium, but now our scientists are beginning to understand this and agree with this. It is a wonderful start.
From the electrons spinning around the nucleus of an atom, to the planets spinning around suns in the galaxy, everything is in movement. Everything is in vibration. And if it is in vibration, it is putting out a sound.

World Sound Healing Day Results

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Dear Sound Friends:
On February 14, 2009, we celebrated the 7th Annual World Sound Healing Day with people throughout the planet toning an “AH” sound for planetary peace. The main focus of the event was a 12 noon Eastern Time, (US) but there were global sonic events throughout the day. It seems our soundings were most effective.
It’s very exciting for me to share recent data from the Global Consciousness Project (GCP), Princeton, NJ. The GCP uses data collected from equipment throughout the world to analyze and chart what many believe are changes in the consciousness of the planet. For more information on GCP, please click on this link: Global Consciousness Project

The Divine Name, My First Experience with Aura Photography.

Can Divine light show up in your aura?
I had just sent out the completed manuscript of The Divine Name to my editor. I was done with the book. It was the best I could do. I was content.
The next day I attended INATS, the International New Age Trade Show—a yearly event in Denver where authors, musicians, artisans, and many others speak, perform, or have booths displaying their works. Others, such as myself, do signings for those in attendance. The first day had been extremely busy for me, ending that night with my receiving two Visionary Awards, one for “Best Healing/Meditation Album,” which my CD 2012: Ascension Harmonics won, and another for “Best Web Site,” which the Temple of Sacred Sound won. This was a great surprise to me, as well as quite an honor.
My wife, Andi, and I arrived quite late at the show in order to spend a couple of hours looking around at what we had missed previously due to our busy schedule of activities the day before. As the show was just about to close down, I passed by a booth that had “aura photography.”

The Power of Intent

by Jonathan Goldman
Many of you who have read my books and other writings, or found yourself listening to or reading an interview with me know that I believe “Intent” is a truly important aspect with regard to the power of sound.  You may know that over 20 years ago, I created a formula in my first book HEALING SOUNDS : “Frequency + Intent = Healing”. By this I mean that the actual sound that manifests coupled with the consciousness that is encoded upon the sound creates the ultimate effect of the sound.  I also included another formula in the book: “Vocalization + Visualization = Manifestation” which pretty much echoed this same concept in a slightly different way.  In my latest book THE 7 SECRETS OF SOUND HEALING , I have created yet another formula—one which again is very similar to the other two and seems to encompass even more. It is this: “Sound + Belief = Outcome”.
As those familiar with my work know, the original “Frequency + Intent = Healing” formula came to me while trying to deal with a collection of papers that stacked a foot high. These papers were different systems I’d been collecting for several years from scientists, spiritual teachers, musicians, sound therapists and just about anyone else imaginable who had been working with using frequencies for healing.

The Sound of Light

The Sound of Light by Jonathan Goldman
The relationship between sound and light has always been fascinating. Many believe there is a one to one relationship between them. Many believe there is not. Some believe sound and light are the same thing. Others believe they are very different. This current blog is dedicated to this subject. After this initial writing, I will contribute other thoughts along with you.
The relationship between light and sound is most intriguing because both are measured as frequencies in cycles per second. Sound is measured from the ten’s to the ten of thousand’s of cycles per second. Light manifests as billions of cycles per second. Therefore, one way of viewing the relationship between sound and light is to assume that light is speeded up sound, or conversely, that sound is slowed down light.

Healing the Earth through Global Sound

These days we seem to find our planet and ourselves in a difficult situation. Without judgment about why this has occurred, I’d prefer to focus on what could be done to assist this current situation.
Much of what’s going on seems to be a result of what is often called the “footprint of man”-the result of human interaction with each other and with our planet.  From this perspective, if we caused it and if we are part of the problem, then we can be part of the solution!  Humans are an amazing species and once we become aware of something, we can often focus our attention on it and find a solution. All that may be needed is for a portion of human consciousness to awaken to the reality that there is something that needs to be fixed. The question is: “How does this happen?” How can we as a species begin to become awakened?

To mp3 or not to mp3— That is the Question

Welcome to the Healing Sounds Blog. This website will present an opportunity for you to share you ideas. I will initially post an article on a topic that I believe is relevant to this field. Then, we invite you to contribute your thoughts on this subject.Thank you so much for your participation to this important new resource for exchanging ideas.  This first article will remain in its present position until the time when I post a new article for your perusal and feedback.Jonathan Goldman 
When I first started in this field, there were two mediums of playback-record albums (lps) and cassettes. No, excuse me-there was another medium that went the way of the dinosaur in less time than you could say diplodocus, and that was the 8 track tape. But regardless, albums and cassettes were both analog. That was about 1980. Sometime towards the end of the 80’s, digital recordings began to manifest-first as digital lps and then as compact discs. The digital controversy in the sound healing community began about then-were digital recordings as healing and therapeutic as analog recordings?