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Lama Tashi Sonic Offering

Live Video Broadcast on World Sound Healing Day

Experience a unique sacred sound session with a Tibetan Chant Master!

Among the many extraordinary experiences that occurred on World Sound Healing Day, it was my pleasure to host a very special event with renowned Tibetan Chant Master and Scholar, Lama Tashi. This event was transmitted from India. It was a wonderful and sacred sound experience that because of the time and venue, was very limited.

We are now offering this 35 minute World Sound Healing Day Experience with Lama Tashi as a special thank you for making the day of Global Harmonization such as success.

In honor of World Sound Healing Day, Lama Tashi was able to lead us in prayers for personal and planetary healing, focusing on the energies of:

  1.      Avalokitesvara -- to generate compassion
  2.      Medicine Buddha -- to generate healing
  3.      Tara -- to generate protection

Experience the extraordinary teachings and chanting of Lama Tashi 
in this World Sound Healing Day gift brought to you by Healing Sounds.

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