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For Energy & Space Clearing,
Charging, and Harmonization

In 1999, Jonathan Goldman came across a book entitled, Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse written by Dr. Leonard Horowitz and Dr. Joseph Puleo. Their text revealed extraordinary Bible codes—electromagnetic frequencies of sounds. These were believed to be related to the Creator’s ancient musical scale used in creation, destruction, and miraculous manifestations including healings. These “Original Solfeggio” tones were said to fulfill Biblical prophecies and revelations.

After reading this book, Jonathan Goldman was guided to create tuning forks cut to these specific frequencies.  He was the first person to manifest these frequencies to the Earth as tuning forks, though many have since followed suit. Of all the various frequencies in the Solfeggio Set, undoubtedly the one which has become most well known is that of 528 Hz.

Many different energies have been attributed to this frequency from the creation of miracles to the repair of DNA to the frequency of Love. Regardless of what possible meanings have been attributed to this frequency, it is certainly acknowledged that many resonate to it and find it both meditative and healing.  Thus we are making it available. We trust you will enjoy working with the 528 Hz. Tuning Fork!

Includes a plush velvet carrying pouch

Use the 528 Hz. Tuning Fork to:

  • Balance & Harmonize your own energy field
  • Clear and create Sacred Space
  • Use as a transformational tool for subtle energy work
  • Trace meridian lines, balance energy centers, draw Reiki symbols, and more! Many creative uses!

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