DnA Phi Ratio Tuning Forks


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The DnA Phi Ratio Tuning Forks manifest the sacred mathematical ratio of Phi, a universal constant in the pattern of the universe. This ratio is known as the Golden Mean and may be found throughout nature as an organizing principle that manifests as the spiral—the basic form of the universe.  It can be  seen in everything from the our DNA to spiral nebulas.

The interval sounded by this pair of forks is derived from the 8th and 13th harmonics of the D fundamental note. In addition to it’s correlation to Phi. the special interval of 8:13 is a natural harmonic series interval, yet it cannot be played on conventional Western musical instruments tuned to modern Equal Temperament. This reawakening to the natural 8:13 harmonic interval is part of the power of this extraordinary evolutionary tuning fork set.

When sounded together, these forks produce a sound that has been called “angelic”. Others have found it creates a spiraling effect. People also often report visionary experiences journeying within (or without to the Angelic Realms) when they hear these sounds. It has been said that these forks encode more Light into the DNA matrix.

The DnA Phi Ratio Tuning Forks are potent tools for transformation to achieve balance and harmony–aligning your energy field, creating deep relaxation and synchronizing your brainwaves for enhanced meditation experiences. 

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