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Jonathan Goldman's Complete Chakra Chanting Experience

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About this course

From Healing Sounds pioneer Jonathan Goldman comes the Chakra Chanting Experience—a week long interactive sacred sonic exercise program that allows you to come along with Jonathan to balance, activate and align each of your chakra—the etheric energies centers of the body.

Each day, you’ll working on focusing and resonating a specific chakra.  At the end of the week, there is a special bonus session which will allow you to resonate and align all your chakras at the same time for a truly transformative experience of Healing Sounds!

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Course Structure

Premium Course

The Complete Chakra Chanting Experience – Bonus Session

In this half hour long video, we will be combining all the exercises from the previous seven days into a Enjoy The Complete Chakra Chanting Experience, going from the 1st chakra up through the 7th chakra resonating each of our chakras with our sound and intention in this powerful Healing Sounds exercise
Premium Course

Live Chakra Chanting Concert — Jonathan Goldman & Kan’Nal

A one in a lifetime live Chakra Chanting musical experience!

7 Minute Chakra Tune Up Video

The extraordinary 7 Minute Minute Chakra Video--Multi-Million Views!!

Additional Chakra Chants Materials

Other Chakra Chanting related materials you may enjoy--Tuning Forks, Books, MP3 Downloads, and more!