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ASCENSION HARMONICS: The 11:11 Divine Name Seminar

6 Modules 4 Chapters 24 Lessons

About this course

What If There Was A Universal Sacred Sound
That Creates A Hotline To The Divine?

Experience The Divine Name — The Most Powerful Sacred Intonation
for Personal & Planetary Healing & Divine Manifestation

In the 11th Month of the 11th Year of the new Millennium Jonathan Goldman & Andi Goldman presented a special seminar on THE DIVINE NAME. This once in a lifetime event culminated in the group intonation of this most Sacred of Sounds at 11:11 on 11/11/11.

The 11:11 Divine Name Seminar is a step by step process of Vibratory Activation and Initiation through Sacred and Healing Sounds.

The 11:11 Divine Name Seminar is the only complete Andi & Jonathan Goldman workshop ever filmed!

Discover and learn about The Divine Name, a universal sound that has the ability to resonate both the physical body and subtle energy fields of anyone who intones it—irrespective of tradition, or belief. This sacred sound has the power to heighten consciousness promoting healing, peace, and oneness.

  • Explore the scientific and spiritual basis of using sound for healing and transformation
  • Find out how your own self-created sounds can serve to enhance personal health and wellness
  • Participate in activations and initiations previously only available in live workshop settings
  • Discover how to utilize the Divine Name for Global Harmonization
  • Experience the power of the Divine Name group intonation on 11/11/11


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Course Structure

Premium Course
2 Lessons


Welcome from Andi & Jonathan Goldman

Welcome from Andi & Jonathan Goldman

Jonathan and Andi welcome you to this course, talking about the hows and whys of the creation of the original event and original video.

Download Course Materials

Download course materials 

Premium Course
1 Chapter

Wednesday PM

Explore the scientific and spiritual basis of using sound for healing and transformation and find out how your own self-created sounds can enhance your health and wellness. This presentation includes group exercises, sound healing techniques, extraordinary visual images, award-winning healing music and cutting edge scientific and spiritual information.  

Part One: Physics of Sound 4 Lessons

Lesson 1: Fundamentals of Vibration

The basic principles of using sound for healing with cutting edge scientific and spiritual information on subjects including: frequency and resonance and much more.

Lesson 2: Entrainment & Visual Images

Continued information on the principles of sound healing including: entrainment and intention, as well as visual images demonstrating how sound creates form—cymatics.

Lesson 3: Listening

Experience the power of listening to award-winning music designed to initiate different levels of consciousness.

Lesson 4: Global Harmonization

Jonathan and Andi present an overview of the 11:11 Divine Name Seminar including the importance of Global Harmonization--shifting personal and planetary vibrations through sound.

Premium Course
1 Chapter

Thursday AM

This first morning of the workshop begins to explore the power of our own self-created sound through learning to focus on the use of the sacred vowel sounds to resonate our body, etheric fields, and primary chakra energy centers.

Part Two: Vowels As Mantras 4 Lessons

Lesson 1: Frequency & Intention

Jonathan and Andi review important aspects of using self-created sound for healing, including topics such as frequency & intention, as well as other material on sacred sound including sonic invocations.

Lesson 2: Breath & Toning

The importance of breath and self-created sounds in resonating our body, brain and etheric fields.  

Lesson 3: Chakras & Sound

Jonathan and Andi discuss the chakras and describe a system Jonathan developed working with specific vowels sounds in order to resonate the physical body and the chakras for balance and alignment.  

Lesson 4: Vowel Chakra Experience

In this half-hour long exercise using Vowels As Mantras, Jonathan and Andi lead participants in an experience to resonate, balance and align their chakras in this powerful sonic meditation.

Premium Course
1 Chapter

Thursday PM

Vocal Harmonics are a highly advanced use of healing sounds found in many mystical traditions. These “colors of sound” are extraordinary for meditation, self-transformation, and healing, resonating the physical body as well as our subtle bodies. Jonathan and Andi will focus on empowering participants with the ability to create vocal harmonics. 

Part Three: Vocal Harmonics 4 Lessons

Lesson 1: Principles of Harmonics

Jonathan and Andi teach an understanding of harmonics—the colors of sound which display universal principles.

Lesson 2: Vocal Harmonic Examples

Listening to recorded examples of different vocal harmonic styles from throughout the world to help train the ear, brain and voice.

Lesson 3: Creating Vocal Harmonics

In this lesson you will learn how to create vocal harmonics and experience their transformative effects.

Lesson 4: Angel of Sound Activation

In this half-hour long listening experience, we learn to invoke and resonate with Shamael, Angel of Sound, as a sonic empowerment to enhance our ability of manifesting sacred and healing sound.

Premium Course
1 Chapter

Friday AM

Learning to understand, intone and experience the power of the universal sound of the Divine Name for healing, prayer, meditation and transformation.

Part Four: Sounding the Divine Name 2 Lessons

Lesson 1: The Divine Name—Discovery & Intonation

Discover the source of the Divine Name as a universal sound from sacred traditions—a hotline to the Divine—and learn how to intone and experience its magic and majesty.

Lesson 2: The 11:11:11 Experience –The Divine Name As Prayer

The culmination of this workshop—the actual experience of intoning the Divine Name in a group for personal and planetary healing.