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Tibetan Secrets of Happiness

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About this course

Join Sound Healing Pioneer Jonathan Goldman and Lama Tashi, Tibetan Buddhist Teacher and renowned Chantmaster of HH the Dalai Lama’s Drepung Loseling Monastery, as they explore the Tibetan Secrets of Happiness in this new online course.  In Tibetan Buddhism, happiness is not based upon acquiring material wealth or external physical phenomena, but rather upon internal peace and contentment. This course incorporates ancient meditational practices & techniques discovered by Tibetan sages. These teachings provide powerfully effective and practical methods to cultivate a harmonious and tranquil state of mind.

TIBETAN SECRETS OF HAPPINESS is the first & only course of its kind!

Through working with mindfulness, affirmation, visualization, meditation, and mantra, Lama Tashi will guide you through authentic ancient teachings, practices, and techniques that will assist in the manifestation of true happiness rooted in a calm and peaceful state of being. In each session, Lama Tashi will focus on a different Tibetan deity that represents a unique aspect of happiness. Lama Tashi’s powerful meditations and mantras will resonate with you at deep levels and enable you to embody these different aspects of happiness.

“Tibetan Secrets of Happiness” is a once in a lifetime opportunity to learn powerful ancient practices that will help you lead a healthier, happier, more enlightened life.

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Course Structure

Premium Course


In this first video, Lama Tashi presents an overview of Tibetan Secrets of Happiness and shares what inspired him to create it. You will then work with the Vajra Mantra of Blessing to initiate purification both for yourself and the teachings in the rest of the program. This sacred mantra is used at the beginning of many rituals and blessings because of its power to purify & transmute negativity and amplify positive energy and attunement with higher consciousness.


The focus of this video is the cultivation of compassion through working with the energy of the Avalokitesvara. You will learn about the importance of compassion and various aspects of being of service. Lama Tashi will teach visualizations, affirmations, meditations, and the most potent mantra to develop and resonate with the energy of compassion. The deeper embodiment of compassion enables us to realize our interconnection with all others and lead healthier and more fulfilled lives.


This session focuses on the importance of Sacred Wisdom to initiate happiness. You will work with the energy of Manjushri, the Tibetan bodhisattva of Transcendental Wisdom. Lama Tashi shares stories, Buddhist philosophy, and skillful techniques to transmute and overcome anger in order to embody the wisdom that cultivates patience and loving kindness. You will resonate with the powerful vibrations of Manjushri’s mantra in order to attune to the realms of higher wisdom.


This session focuses on developing Self-Empowerment through resonating with the energy of the bodhisattva Varjapani and his secret mantra. Through powerful visualizations, deep meditation, and other exercises you will learn to transmute and release depression, grief, and shame to manifest enhanced self-empowerment. This transformation will enable you to experience a powerful source of profound inner strength.

Enlightened Healing

TThis session focuses on Enlightened Healing through attunement with Medicine Buddha invoking his visualization, affirmations, meditations, and mantra. The Medicine Buddha is a powerful ally who can assist us with overcoming stress, tension and frustration. You will work with specific visualizations to achieve calmness, mindfulness, and contentment in order to experience Enlightened Healing for yourself and for others.


The final session focuses on Tara, the female bodhisattva who embodies loving kindness, compassion, and protection. Tara is the most well known and beloved Tibetan deity and is the female embodiment of enlightenment. You will resonate with her visualization, affirmation, meditation, and mantra. The energy of Tara allows us to release anxiety and fear to cultivate compassion and protection. Lama Tashi offers closing thoughts on how to continue to apply the teachings from this course and experience enhanced health & happiness.