The Power of Intent

by Jonathan Goldman

Many of you who have read my books and other writings, or found yourself listening to or reading an interview with me know that I believe “Intent” is a truly important aspect with regard to the power of sound.  You may know that over 20 years ago, I created a formula in my first book HEALING SOUNDS : “Frequency + Intent = Healing”. By this I mean that the actual sound that manifests coupled with the consciousness that is encoded upon the sound creates the ultimate effect of the sound.  I also included another formula in the book: “Vocalization + Visualization = Manifestation” which pretty much echoed this same concept in a slightly different way.  In my latest book THE 7 SECRETS OF SOUND HEALING , I have created yet another formula—one which again is very similar to the other two and seems to encompass even more. It is this: “Sound + Belief = Outcome”.

As those familiar with my work know, the original “Frequency + Intent = Healing” formula came to me while trying to deal with a collection of papers that stacked a foot high. These papers were different systems I’d been collecting for several years from scientists, spiritual teachers, musicians, sound therapists and just about anyone else imaginable who had been working with using frequencies for healing.