Only You Will Know Your Resonant Sounds

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I would like to suggest that there may be some significant differences in people, from the vibrations of their physical body parts to the vibrations of their etheric fields. And I would like you to contemplate the importance of this as we delve more and more into the world of sound. Be aware that it is also possible to encode other frequencies onto the body and that it is possible for a person with the best intention, to encode a frequency of a certain rate that they deem correct and healing on to another person. And if those frequencies do not resonate with the person, it is possible for that person to be put into a state of imbalance by these frequencies. I have seen this happen.

What are the Vibrational Rates of Your Chakras?

With regard to the chakras and its associated energy fields, we would like you to consider that in certain traditions for example, a mantra which is given an initiate will change as the initiate undergoes spiritual transformation. What sound worked to resonate a chakra at one level changes as the individual changes and another mantra is to be used at that time.

I like to ask this question to audiences; “Do you think that your heart chakra vibrates at the same rate as the Dalia Lama or Mother Theresa?” It is a valid question.

The Basic Principle of Sound Healing

In a recent blog Frequency + Intent = Healing, I discussed the concepts of “frequency” and “intent”. “Frequency” is the rate at which an object vibrated and is also a way of measuring sound. “Intent” is the energy behind any created sound. Together, these two elements create how a sound may be used–it’s effect for healing, transformation or whatever.

When the human body is in a state of health, all bodily parts and associated fields, chakras, etc. are in “tune” and vibrating in a state of harmony with self. A concept of disease is one in which a counter frequency sets in and some body part begins to vibrate out of ease or harmony. A concept of using sound to heal is simply that it is possible to project the correct resonant frequency back into the part of the body (or associated field or chakra), causing it to vibrate back into its normal rate, restoring it to health. This is the basic principle of using sound to heal.

Frequency + Intent = Healing

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“FREQUENCY + INTENT = HEALING”. Frequency of course, is the actual sound used. Healing was a term used to describe the process of putting something into its healthy resonance. Today I use the term “Frequency Shifting”.   Intent, in this formula, is the important ingredient. Intent is the energy behind the sound. It is the consciousness that is encoded into the sound. Intent is very important.

I began to realize that it might be possible for two people to make the same sound and have a very different response, depending upon the energy that was put into the sound. 

Your Voice is a Powerful Sound Healing Device

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Many new spiritual scientists, discoverers and therapists are working with the concept of resonant frequency healing to create balance.  Many are successful.   They have developed different instruments, machines, tapes and other sound devices which project the healthy resonant frequency of a body part, (or, for the matter, of the chakras) into a person.

While some of these devices may be very effective for restoring resonance back to that which is vibrating out of harmony, you all have within yourselves the most powerful, effective and wondrous device for healing that you can imagine.