A Tonal Language




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Even if one has developed to a high degree the ability of telepathy, sound is still utilized. Because it is a powerful energy that is much more than pure thought. It is a physical frequency–a third dimensional energy. Remember, in your development with sound, that the carrier of the consciousness, of the thoughts you send, will still be sound. It is an easier and more efficient means of communication–at least here on the third dimension.

Sound Can ReArrange Matter

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The harmonics, which I am fond of using and sharing, are an aspect of sound which bridges the different dimensions. I believe that these vocal harmonics also represent the new mantras of the 2lst Century and that these sounds will be a form of non-verbal communication we are in the process of receiving. In the very near future, I will discuss with you this work with harmonics. Be aware that sound is a very gross energy. It is a very slow moving energy. And it is a very physical energy. It has the ability to rearrange molecules and actually change 3rd dimensional matter. That is a great power.

Frequency + Intent = Healing

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“FREQUENCY + INTENT = HEALING”. Frequency of course, is the actual sound used. Healing was a term used to describe the process of putting something into its healthy resonance. Today I use the term “Frequency Shifting”.   Intent, in this formula, is the important ingredient. Intent is the energy behind the sound. It is the consciousness that is encoded into the sound. Intent is very important.

I began to realize that it might be possible for two people to make the same sound and have a very different response, depending upon the energy that was put into the sound. 

The Sound of Light

The Sound of Light
by Jonathan Goldman

The relationship between sound and light has always been fascinating. Many believe there is a one to one relationship between them. Many believe there is not. Some believe sound and light are the same thing. Others believe they are very different. This current blog is dedicated to this subject. After this initial writing, I will contribute other thoughts along with you.

The relationship between light and sound is most intriguing because both are measured as frequencies in cycles per second. Sound is measured from the ten’s to the ten of thousand’s of cycles per second. Light manifests as billions of cycles per second. Therefore, one way of viewing the relationship between sound and light is to assume that light is speeded up sound, or conversely, that sound is slowed down light.