World Sound Healing Day
Global Consciousness Project Data

World Sound Healing Day occurs on Feb. 14th of every year. It is a day when people throughout the planet spend time projecting an “AH” sound filled with the energy of love—sending a sonic valentine to our Mother Earth. This typically takes place at 12 noon Eastern Time, though soundings occur throughout the day.

There are currently two organization—the Global Consciousness Project out of Princeton, NJ and the Global Coherence Initiative, out of Boulder Creek, CA, that are engaged in measuring the effects, of prayer, meditation, and other spiritual activities such as the energy that manifests during World Sound Healing Day.

The Global Consciousness Project uses a series of random number generators spread throughout the world to collect their data. It seems that when events of great compassion occur, the numbers become less random and they can be charted. Thus, what should be a relatively straight line because a rather mountainous looking peak when events of high compassion occur. You can clearly see such a rise in the peak shortly after the noontime even on February 14, 2009. As Roger Nelson, Director of the GCP, observes: “This looks like a confirmation of the idea that large scale communal thought and emotion may show up as structure in our data.”

The Global Coherence Initiative measures something else with their magnetometers—the geomagnetic field of the earth in relationship to the human energy field and its interface with this planet. Associated with the Institute of HeartMath, the GCI is collecting data to demonstrate if there is some sort of interactive interface between the human electro-magnetic field and that of the Earth. Such interfaces seem to occur and be most powerful when the human electro-magnetic field is in a state of coherence—with the heart and brain synchronized together and generating the energy of appreciation and compassion. Continued research will indicate the validity of this.

The Global Consciousness Project graciously supplied data on World Sound Healing Day 2009 which has been available on this website for awhile. Very recently, I received data from the Global Coherence Initiative’s data from that same day. Neither the GCP nor the GCI will make any specific commitments with regard to what this data means. I understand. There are so many variables and anomalies occurring that could influences both readings. Nevertheless, I do find it so very interesting that the charts found on the next page featuring the data for the GCP and the GCI are so very close visually—both showing quite a large peak happening during World Sound Healing Day and specifically during the prime time when the majority of global toning occurred. No comments are made about the meaning of these two charts. I leave it to you to form your own opinion about the significance of this data. But it does indeed look promising with regard to the power of “intentionalized sound” to influence and affect some aspect of that which has been called the “noosphere” or the consciousness of the planet Earth.