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Healing Codes Sacred Sounds
by Jonathan Goldman

A powerful energy field portal of Sacred Sound frequencies for enhanced  health & wellness

This 15 minute recording is recording designed to manifest a sacred portal of sacred and healing sounds. This portal assists with energy field clearing, deep relaxation, healing and compassionate consciousness. It features powerful frequencies and sacred chants that may be useful to people during this time of great challenge.  The chants include excerpts from THE DIVINE NAME,  Om Ah Hum and the Tara mantra from TIBETAN MASTER CHANTS, YHSVH from HOLY HARMONY, and MEDICINE BUDDHA.

Present throughout this recording are the Healing Codes of the Holy Harmony/Solfeggio tuning forks. The combination of these frequencies along with the sacred chants is great for releasing stress, creating deep relaxation, clearing energy, and enhancing health & wellness.
Perfect for meditation and mindfulness. 

The healing benefits of using this recording may include:

  • -Deep relaxation
  • -Stress release and profound calmness
  • -Enhanced physical energy and mental clarity
  • -Balanced vibratory fields
  • -Harmonization of body, mind & spirit

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