Undoubtedly one of our greatest experiences since the Summer Solstice has been the most recent Healing Sounds Intensive. This was our 21st such training course and it was extraordinary. There were nearly 100 people present for this remarkable event. Those who were there participated in exercises, techniques and initiatory experiences that allowed us all to transcend the ordinary and be in the realm of the extraordinary. Imagine what it is like to be in this quantum field where the miraculous can occur.

The events that produced these effects were too numerous to discuss, but we would be remiss if we did not mention our “Day of Toning” where for the entire day, those in attendance sounded for personal and planetary healing, led by the Day’s creator, Jim Albani. Jim had been very recently named Minnesota’s Wedding Officiant of the Year. The ritual, ceremony and sounds of this “Day of Toning” are still resonating in the Gaia Matrix.

In addition, another Healing Sounds Intensive faculty member, Laraaji, who is one of the great pioneers of ambient music on this planet, presented a celestial concert for us that had the entire group resonating in blissful coherence. Laraaji has been creating this music since the 1970’s and seems to be growing more well-known with each year.

Our nightly trance dance chants invoked various divine energies from many different traditions. After days of deep teaching of information and techniques, these chants allowed us to embody even further the energies of wisdom, compassion and much more. Saraswati, Tara, Avalokitesvara and the Christ energy were just of few of the beings invoked.

Jonathan’s favorite moment came during the sounding of the Divine Name. Because participants had spent over a week being immersed in the Sound Current, the sound of the Divine Name, which occurred near the conclusion of the Healing Sounds Intensive, was intoned by those who were versed and practiced in projecting sacred sound. This particular sounding allowed Jonathan to share some new information founded in the new edition of THE DIVINE NAME.

We truly give thanks for these 21 years of Healing Sounds Intensives. They remain some of the greatest Blessings we have received!