Whales of Compassion Video

I thought you would enjoy this new video called “Whales of Compassion” which was created using a song I wrote about our cetacean friends in the sea. There’s some beautiful imagery of whales and what I trust will be a most pleasing song. “Whales of Compassion” features whale songs, lovely lyrics with a heartfelt message as well as a unique chant which came through me. 

New Chakra Balancing Video

“Chakras: 7 Minute Tune Up”, a new video featuring Jonathan Goldman’s “7 Minute Chakra Tune Up” recording along with chakra visuals by Lahrinda. Watch this video and experience a profound chakra balancing in only 7 minutes! “Chakras: 7 Minute Tune Up” with its combinations of sound and light is a great vehicle for wellness and…