Jonathan and Tashi

Lama Tashi Comes to the 2014 Healing Sounds Intensive

 Much to our surprise, our dear and beloved Lama Tashi came all the way from India—from the foothills of the Himalayas—in order to share his sound and teachings at the 19th Annual Healing Sounds Intensive. We have known Lama Tashi for nearly 25 years. Lama Tashi, former Principal Chant Master at the Drepung Loseling Monastery,…

Sound vs. Music

I have often contemplated the delineation between sound and music. From a certain higher perspective, there is no delineation, for  all sound could be perceived as music and all music is sound.  However, with that said, I think you’ll agree that one person’s music can often be another person’s noise!  Noise is usually defined as something like “unpleasant sound”. …

The Lemurian Tuning Forks, Magic Frequencies, and Sacred Ratios

The Lemurian Tuning Forks, Magic Frequencies, and Sacred Ratiosby Jonathan Goldman Everybody’s searching for the “Magic Frequency”.  And that’s good.  From my perspective, every frequency has its own attributes. With that said, I don’t think there is one frequency that is the “be all” and “end all” of frequencies—the one that will heal everyone or…

On Sound

  This video clip is from a gathering at the sacred space of the Star House here in Boulder, CO.  The presentation begins with my best answer to a question that I am commonly asked “What can Sound be used to heal?” I truly believe that the possibilities are limitless, both on a personal and…

2012 And Beyond

Here we are at the end of 2012, fast approaching the Winter Solstice, December 21, 2012—a time when many traditions and prophecies predict great shift and change on our planet.
I’d like to present a positive and uplifting outlook for the upcoming times. It has been my intuitive knowing for quite a while that Dec. 21st will be ushering in an era of increased love and healing for humanity. I’d like to acknowledge, however, that currently our world seems to be divided…with tremendous turmoil occurring on economic and environmental levels.

Create Harmonics by Learning to Listen

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I like to use the analogy that one is wearing dark glasses and then upon perceiving harmonics, is able to take off these glasses and see the full spectrum of sound.  Only of course, it is not the sense of sight we are dealing with, but the sense of hearing. Through learning to first listen to and then create vocal harmonics, it is almost as though one is able to remove ear plugs from the ears and become aware of the full spectrum of sound that is created.

Harmonics and Hearing

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The first sense to arrive is that of hearing. And hearing is you last sense to depart. Even scientists will tell you that for those revived from the near death experience the last sense that they were aware of on the physical plane was sound. These scientists will also tell you that certain studies about near death experiences reveal  that the most frequently experienced sound that was heard by people going through what you call “the tunnel” to the other side, was that of choral music deep in vocal harmonics. From an inter-dimensional standpoint, I can tell you that this is true. Vocal harmonics come as close as you can to create to the singing of angels.

Vocal Harmonics and Listening

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My first introduction to hearing vocal harmonics came from listening to recordings many years ago.  I heard the harmonic sounds and tried to duplicate them. Later on, I studied with masters of the harmonic voice from many different traditions. Yet, there are now many individuals who hear and consciously create vocal harmonics quite naturally within their own sounds during sacred sounding. The question is why?
Harmonics, as we discussed last time, have always been around, for they are simply an aspect of the physics of vibration. Vocal harmonics have also always occurred–particularly when individuals would sound elongated vowel sounds.

Nouvo-European Vocal Harmonics

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In our last conversation, we began the discussion of harmonics.  We talked about the actual physics of harmonics–their relationships as geometric multiples of vibrating strings.  We also discussed some of their uses in the esoteric traditions such as the Tibetan “Deep Voice” chanting style.  I would now like to discuss Nouvo-European Vocal Harmonics.
When I first began to study the phenomenon of vocal harmonics, I listened to many different styles of creating these sounds, including the Tibetan “One Deep” Voice and Mongolian “Hoomi”  throat singing style.

The Tibetan Voice

 The Tibetan Voice is now manifesting more and more in the West as a means of creating resonance that effect both the Celestial and the Gaia energies. A number of Westerners, including myself, have now developed the Tibetan Deep Voice and are sharing it with others here in the West.  Women, as well as men, have been able to receive this sound through being in the sounds field. I initially received the Tibetan Voice from the Gyume Monks by being  in their field. This occurred after I recorded the Monks for the first time in the West during their historic visit in 1986. I went home to listen to the recording of the Monks in my crystal grid and  fell asleep. The next morning I awoke with the ability to create their sound. It is an example of what I call “Harmonic Transmission”–in which the sacred knowledge and techniques of masters are transferred simply by their presence.

Vocal Harmonics and Transformation

The use of vocal harmonics as a sacred and transformation tool all but vanished here in the West. In some of the Mystery Schools that survived, there has been continued knowledge of the power of vowel sounds. These vowel sounds have been understood to convey great energy and some realize that many of your Divine Names may be encoded as vowel sounds. We will add one more key to this puzzle. Inherent in each of the vowel sounds are particular harmonics. So that if an individual were able to properly intone the vowel sound name of a deity so that the specific harmonic resonated, what you would have would be a melody. In other words, when correctly intoned, these Divine Names as vowels would actually be sonic formulas that would resonate to the frequency of a particular deity.

Harmonics of the Voice

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With harmonics of the voice, we are usually talking about overtones that are anywhere from twice the frequency of the fundamental, up to 15 times the fundamental. While it is possible that harmonics can conceptually represent sound turning into light (because when a sonic frequency is multiplied by 40 octaves it turns into the electromagnetic spectrum which we call light), the harmonics produced by the human voice are well within the audible spectrum. Yet, they have profound effects.
The use of vocal harmonics date back to before your recorded history. They were utilized in Atlantis and Lemuria, and then later on in Ancient Egypt and your other Mystery Schools. 

The Harmonics of Sound

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Thus far, we have discussed various aspects of sound, including concepts such as “frequency”, “intent”, “vibrational resonance”, “visualization”, “vocalization” and other aspects of using sound to shift frequency. Last issue, we mentioned the idea of a “harmonic language.” It is time now to begin to deal with the subject of harmonics, or overtones, as they are also known.
You have heard the term “harmonics” used in many different areas–from the Harmonic Convergence to many sacred science writings. I particularly like the reference to shifting the harmonic resonance of the Enterprises’s shield on “Star Trek: Next Generation.” Yet how many of you really known what “harmonics” are?

Sound and Light

Guest Article by Buryl Payne, Ph.D.
Although the word ‘frequency’ is used for both sound and light, it may be misleading our thinking. A pound of feathers is not related to a pound of gold, nor is a cup of hot coffee related to a cup of flour, even though we can stretch for some relationship if we try.
Furthermore, if one looks closely at light, as a wave, the visualization of electric and magnetic components smoothly propagating as orthogonal sine waves was made up years ago for simplifying the equations.

Dolphin Sounds and Telepathy

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Many frequently ask about dolphins and dolphin sounds. Dolphins have the ability to send and receive sonic frequencies of 180,00 cycles per second. That is 10 times faster than humans can perceive–human hearing ends at about 16,000 cycles per second. Dolphins have the ability to project multi-dimensional holographic images on their sounds. In a series of clicks, a dolphin can encode encyclopedic information upon sound. And another dolphin can receive and understand this information.

Sound Can ReArrange Matter

Image by jasoneppink via FlickrThe harmonics, which I am fond of using and sharing, are an aspect of sound which bridges the different dimensions. I believe that these vocal harmonics also represent the new mantras of the 2lst Century and that these sounds will be a form of non-verbal communication we are in the process of receiving. In the very near future, I will discuss with you this work with harmonics. Be aware that sound is a very gross energy. It is a very slow moving energy. And it is a very physical energy. It has the ability to rearrange molecules and actually change 3rd dimensional matter. That is a great power.

Adding Power to Mantras with Visualization

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Mantras (or the “frequencies”) by themselves may not be as powerful and effective as when they are coupled with visualization (or the “intent” if you like). This is not saying that they will not work by themselves, but only that they work better when a specific visualization is added. Awareness of this may alleviate some of the worry about the uninitiated using specific mantras and the dangers inherent in this. It is relatively simple for an individual to create a certain sound. One can pick up a book and find a mantra or hear such a sound on a tape and repeat it. However, it requires some discipline and concentration to add a coherent thought form to that visualization. It has been found that when an individual is at the level of being able to effectively unify the energies of sound with specific thought forms they are also at a high enough level of consciousness to be able to handle the fields they are invoking.

Vocalization + Visualization = Manifestation

In my previous blogs we discussed the concepts of “frequency” and “intent”.  “Frequency” is the rate at which an object vibrated and is also a way of measuring sound.   “Intent” is the energy behind any created sound.  Together, these two elements create how a sound may be used–it’s effect for healing, transformation or whatever.   In other blogs we discussed the concept  that we are all unique vibratory beings and that the frequency (or frequencies) for one individual would be very different than the frequencies for another individual. I would now like to return to return to the concept of “Frequency + Intent = Healing”.

Only You Will Know Your Resonant Sounds

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I would like to suggest that there may be some significant differences in people, from the vibrations of their physical body parts to the vibrations of their etheric fields. And I would like you to contemplate the importance of this as we delve more and more into the world of sound. Be aware that it is also possible to encode other frequencies onto the body and that it is possible for a person with the best intention, to encode a frequency of a certain rate that they deem correct and healing on to another person. And if those frequencies do not resonate with the person, it is possible for that person to be put into a state of imbalance by these frequencies. I have seen this happen.

What are the Vibrational Rates of Your Chakras?

With regard to the chakras and its associated energy fields, we would like you to consider that in certain traditions for example, a mantra which is given an initiate will change as the initiate undergoes spiritual transformation. What sound worked to resonate a chakra at one level changes as the individual changes and another mantra is to be used at that time.I like to ask this question to audiences; “Do you think that your heart chakra vibrates at the same rate as the Dalia Lama or Mother Theresa?” It is a valid question.

Dr. Peter Guy Manners August 21, 2009

Dear Sound Friends: It is with deepest regret that I inform you that on August 21, 2009, Dr. Peter Guy Manners, one of the most extraordinary pioneers in the field of sound healing passed on from this planet.
It was a great honor to have had Dr. Peter Guy Manners as a mentor of mine throughout the 1980’s and into the early 90’s. He knew more about the power of sound than anyone I had ever encountered.
One of the original researchers in the arena of sound healing, he was inspirational to so many in this field. He displayed wisdom, knowledge and experience of sound healing that was astounding and remains so to this day.

The Uniqueness of our Vibratory Rates

At this point in our development, no one has yet come up with an instrument, tape or sound that will work specifically to heal an imbalance for everyone. Certainly some people are remarkably assisted by the specific sounds from instruments created by those who believe we are all vibrating at the same frequency. We know of miraculous experiences that have occurred–wondrous healings and the like–but we also know of people who have not received help through such sounds. And the question is why?
The most likely answer is that, indeed, there are those who will vibrate to specific frequencies that are the same and those that do not. This is very simply most close to the truth as we know it.
It would seem that even in our traditional medical fields, the different pharmaceuticals that are applied do not work specifically the same for all individuals.

Woodstock: The First Planetary Vibrational Shift

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I must have been too involved in my own personal world lately to be aware of reports of an event that was of extreme importance to me. That is, until I went into my local Target and saw a tee shirt declaring “Woodstock 1969”.  I did some math and realized that was 40 years ago.  I may have forgotten how many years in the past it was, but I could never forget the event. I was there.
There’s a whole lot that’s being said about 2012 these days. A lot was said about the different 11:11 events that occurred in the 90’s. And, of course for those old enough (and with enough memory retrieval brain cells still working), there was the Harmonic Convergence of 1987.

Do We All Vibrate at the Same Frequency?

There is at present on our planet, a great schism in belief regarding resonant frequency. There are those who believe that yes, we all vibrate to the same frequency, whether it is the vibrational rate of the heart chakra or the vibrational rate of the liver. And many of these are people who believe they have indeed figured out the vibrational rate of the various organs, other bodily parts and etheric fields have invented instruments, made tapes or created machines which will somehow project the correct resonant frequency back in to the body to heal what ails you. Some of these people also work with using the voice, either to determine what frequency needs to be added or as a means of creating the correct resonant frequency.

The Basic Principle of Sound Healing

In a recent blog Frequency + Intent = Healing, I discussed the concepts of “frequency” and “intent”. “Frequency” is the rate at which an object vibrated and is also a way of measuring sound. “Intent” is the energy behind any created sound. Together, these two elements create how a sound may be used–it’s effect for healing, transformation or whatever.
When the human body is in a state of health, all bodily parts and associated fields, chakras, etc. are in “tune” and vibrating in a state of harmony with self. A concept of disease is one in which a counter frequency sets in and some body part begins to vibrate out of ease or harmony. A concept of using sound to heal is simply that it is possible to project the correct resonant frequency back into the part of the body (or associated field or chakra), causing it to vibrate back into its normal rate, restoring it to health. This is the basic principle of using sound to heal.