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Experience a Powerful 7 Day Sonic Journey Through the Chakras
Balance & Align your energy centers for Health & Transformation

From Healing Sounds pioneer Jonathan Goldman comes the Complete Chakra Chanting Experience. This week long program is an experiential sacred sonic journey that enables you to resonate with Jonathan in order to to balance, activate and align each of your chakras—the etheric energies centers of the body. Each day, you will be focusing on resonating a specific chakra.  At the end of the week, there is a special bonus session which will allow you to resonate and align all your chakras at the same time for a truly transformative experience of Healing Sounds.

Each day, you’ll watch a special video created by Jonathan that will enable you to focus and concentrate on a specific chakra in order to feel the power and vibrations of that chakra.  There is also a downloadable audio only version available of each daily sonic meditation experience. 

The Complete Chakra Chanting Experience is
the most powerful program for balancing and aligning your chakras!

“I never imagined such a powerful transformation could occur so rapidly. The Chakra Chanting Experience was a fast and powerful method of energetically shifting and changing my body, mind and spirit. Thank you!”     Janelle S. 

In addition, Jonathan has created a special “Chakra Chanting Experience Manual” culled from the pages of his best-selling books, “Healing Sounds” and “Chakra Frequencies” with information and illustrations designed to help you understand and enhance your Chakra Chanting Experience. 

Your own voice is the most powerful healing instrument! Now, with “The Complete Chakra Chanting Experience,” you will have the extraordinary sonic adventure of resonating your chakras with your voice. This self-resonance will lead you into new vibratory realms of enhanced health, personal transformation, and higher consciousness! Learn how to balance and activate your vibratory fields with your own sounds!

The “Complete Chakra Chanting Experience” is perfect for sound healers, meditators, yoga practitioners, musicians, and everyone interested in using sound for healing and transformation.

“These sounds have literally changed my life! I now sleep better, have more energy, and feel more relaxed and at peace. My stress levels have decreased dramatically.”     Michelle B. 

These potent Chakra resonance exercises will help you to achieve: 

  • Deep relaxation—releasing stress and creating profound calmness
  • Enhanced physical energy and mental clarity
  • Balanced vibratory fields creating harmonization of body, mind & spirit
  • Increased levels of melatonin, a hormone associated with relaxation and healing
  • Release of endorphins, the self-created opiates that work as “natural pain relievers”
  • Increased levels of nitric oxide, a molecule associated with promotion of healing
  • Heightened consciousness and accelerated levels of awareness

“I would not have believed that the power of my own voice could be so effective in making me feel good. I am healthier and happier than I can remember since I’ve been practicing these extraordinary chakra chants. Our own voice is truly the most powerful medicine!”     James T.

The Complete Chakra Chanting Program Includes:

  • Jonathan Goldman’s Introduction to Chakra Chanting Video
  • 7 daily chakra resonance videos
  • Downloadable audio versions of all exercises
  • 32 page eBook with extensive additional information about sound & the chakras
  • Special bonus recordings and videos
  • An extra full 30 minute video deep guided chakra meditation journey
  • And more!

Special Sale Price

Regular Price: $39.99
Now Only: $8.99

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Please Note: This is a prerecorded evergreen course. If you purchase now, it will be available to experience forever!
You may participate at any time and flow through the course at your own convenience.