Jonathan and Tashi

Lama Tashi Comes to the 2014 Healing Sounds Intensive

 Much to our surprise, our dear and beloved Lama Tashi came all the way from India—from the foothills of the Himalayas—in order to share his sound and teachings at the 19th Annual Healing Sounds Intensive. We have known Lama Tashi for nearly 25 years. Lama Tashi, former Principal Chant Master at the Drepung Loseling Monastery,…

The Healing Power of Cosmic Hum

Sound can be healing. It can calm and soothe us, bringing us into deep states that relax us, countering the negative effects of stress. One of the most powerful ways of experiencing this is by listening to specific music.
When we listen to sound, it goes into our ears and into our brain. It affects our nervous system which affects our heart rate, our respiration and our brain waves.
I have been in the field of researching and applying the use of sound for healing for nearly 30 years. “Cosmic Hum” may well be one of the most powerful recordings I’ve created and is already a favorite of yoga practitioners, those who meditate and those who simply want to relax. Like many of my other recordings, such as “Chakra Chants”, “De-Stress”, “Holy Harmony” and “Ultimate Om”,  it is being used for stress reduction and pain reduction, helping calm and relax the listener.

The Divine Name Reviewed by Dr. John Beaulieu

Review:  The Divine Name by Jonathan Goldman Dr. John Beaulieu, N.D., Ph.D.
Jonathan Goldman is unique in the field of sound healing. He makes sounds, embodies those sounds, follows them into alternate realities, and then makes them available to us. He says in The Divine Name: “sacred sound occurs when a sound is encoded with the intention of a positive outcome and beneficial results, such as healing”. I believe that Jonathan has the special gift of focusing his intention, journeying on sounds, and discovering the essence of the mystical.

What if there was a technique for sounding the personal name of God that could change the world?

It’s my great honor to let you know that my latest book THE DIVINE NAME, published by Hay House, is now available. I consider the THE DIVINE NAME to be the culmination of my work of over 30 years as a pioneer in the field of Sound and Vibration.
THE DIVINE NAME is about a discovery I made over 15 years ago of a universal sound that has the potential of not only creating wellness on a personal level, but of helping to shift consciousness on a global level. This discovery is a universal sound—what many consider to be the lost sound of God—that has the potential of creating health and harmony within us and assisting all of human kind.


We are pleased to announce that Jonathan Goldman’s “2012: ASCENSION HARMONICS” has just won the 2009 Visionary Award for “Best Meditational/Healing Music”. Composed by one of the world’s foremost authorities on Sound Healing, the sonics on “2012” have previously only been heard in Healing Sounds workshops during specific activation experiences. Jonathan Goldman has now released…

The Divine Name, My First Experience with Aura Photography.

Can Divine light show up in your aura?
I had just sent out the completed manuscript of The Divine Name to my editor. I was done with the book. It was the best I could do. I was content.
The next day I attended INATS, the International New Age Trade Show—a yearly event in Denver where authors, musicians, artisans, and many others speak, perform, or have booths displaying their works. Others, such as myself, do signings for those in attendance. The first day had been extremely busy for me, ending that night with my receiving two Visionary Awards, one for “Best Healing/Meditation Album,” which my CD 2012: Ascension Harmonics won, and another for “Best Web Site,” which the Temple of Sacred Sound won. This was a great surprise to me, as well as quite an honor.
My wife, Andi, and I arrived quite late at the show in order to spend a couple of hours looking around at what we had missed previously due to our busy schedule of activities the day before. As the show was just about to close down, I passed by a booth that had “aura photography.”