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What if there were a series of “Lost Chord” frequencies that create inter-dimensional gateways which could control all who heard it?SY SymbolWhat if these “Forbidden Frequencies” were stolen by a self-proclaimed messiah who wanted to use them for global domination?SY SymbolHow would you stop them? What would you do?

FORBIDDEN FREQUENCIES: The Lost Chord is the story of blues musician Christopher Shade’s daunting initiation into the mysteries of Spirit and Sound on a quest to discover the only force that will save humanity from a self-proclaimed messiah bent on using the Forbidden Frequencies to enslave the planet!

Rich with insightful and inspirational information about the power of sound to heal and transform, international Healing Sounds pioneer Jonathan Goldman’s novel is a fast and fun read that will entertain as well as enlighten you.

“This is an exciting, whirlwind spiritual journey that I greatly recommend. Read it and get set for high adventure.”   
                                                        New York Times Best-Selling Author James Twyman

What are the Forbidden Frequencies of the Lost Chord?

Discover why “Scared ain’t nothing but sacred misspelled!”

Read this extraordinary adventure story and find out the truth!

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