A Dream of Water
Jonathan Goldman © 2014

Sacred sounds encoded into water have the ability of cleaning up water that is polluted, damaged and imbalanced…..allowing healing to occur.

Dreams? Visions? Hallucinations? What’s the difference? There’s an old joke told in many different manners that says something like the only difference between a schizophrenic and someone who actually talks to God has to do with what the entity is saying to the person. If it’s harmful to the person (or someone else), it’s delusional and schizophrenic. If it’s beneficial to the person (or someone else), it’s divine communication. I can never quite figure this out. By gosh, St. John’s revelations in the “New Testament” are among the scariest things I’ve read. Yet, I haven’t encountered too many who’ve suggested that he’s delusional. Instead, he’s a prophet, or at least prophetic. So excuse me if I scratch my head regarding my own revelation at this particular time and place. I’ve actually encountered several other cosmic communications that dwell on the topic of water, so I guess it’s probably time to unravel my own experience regarding this subject. Dream? Vision? Hallucination? You make the choice.

It is back in the early 90’s. I am lying in bed, but really, my consciousness is somewhere else. I am receiving and downloading information about the use of water as a powerful vehicle for healing. I am being shown that water is capable of carrying specific vibrational frequencies that can heal imbalances that cause disease. This water I’m being shown is encoded with frequencies that have phase canceling properties which will nullify other frequencies that are harmful—those frequencies which are able to create imbalances into someone else which manifest as illness. I see a person drinking the water that is encoded with the phase canceling properties of the healing frequency, (or is it frequencies? probably frequencies from my understandings of things that are sonic) and like dominoes toppling when one is turned over, this frequency (frequencies?) spreads throughout the body and suddenly that which was causing the imbalance has been dissipated and is gone.

I see this clearly as day. And I understand it. Water, I am told, is a major carrier of healing energy to the body. Although this is true, most of us are unaware of this ability of water to heal. As a species, we are doing our best to mess with the water on our planet. In fact, we seem to be doing a great job at polluting our waters beyond anything I had ever conceived.

Next, in my vision, I am shown that not only can water carry and encode healing frequencies into the body; sound can carry and encode healing frequencies into water. This is an important feedback loop that can potentially occur. Just as the body can by healed by water, so water, I am told, can be healed by sound. Polluted water can be made fresh and healthful through use of sound.

This is great, I think to myself. And I also understand this—that sacred sounds encoded into water have the ability of cleaning up water that is polluted, damaged and imbalanced.

Then, I think—the importance of water is paramount, and I am so heavily involved in focusing on the importance of sound to do many other types of healing! Please, I ask, give this to someone else to do!

Masuru Emoto Image created by Jonathan Goldman's "Holy Harmony"

Masuru Emoto Image created by Jonathan Goldman’s “Holy Harmony”

Several years later, I am introduced to the work of Masaru Emoto and his groundbreaking work with water, first introduced in his book THE HIDDEN MESSAGES IN WATER. Emoto has been investigating how different frequencies (and different thoughts and intentions) can affect the water molecule. Using a darkfield microscope, he has photographed frozen water which has been exposed to different frequencies. And the photographs are remarkable. Most extraordinary, water that has been exposed to negative frequencies looks like mud, while healthy water looks like snowflakes. And perhaps, (for me at least), most remarkable are 2 photographs—one of polluted water from the Fujiwara Dam in Japan. This water, when photographed using Emoto’s techniques, looks very much like mud. The next photo shows the results of this same water, after a Buddhist priest has chanted the “Heart Sutra” over it for about 20 minutes. The water looks pristine and is as snowflake like as any Emoto has photographed of healthy water. I am struck by these pictures and the information I had received almost 15 years before—how sacred sound can heal water.

 Some time later, it was a pleasure to have dinner with Dr. Emoto (and an interpreter). I asked him if he could remember when he first got his urge to investigate water. He was able to remember and (not surprisingly at least to me) it was about a month after I have had my revelation. Through his interpreter, I tell him my story. We look at each other and as our eyes connect, there is no need for a translator. We both nod and smile.

My meeting with Dr. Emoto occurred at least 10 (perhaps 15) years after I have had my experience lying in my bed and had been given the powerful download of information about water. Incidentally, please note that when the vision had occurred for me, I was not asleep. It was, if nothing else, a waking dream; or a trance. Regardless, the time has now come to share with you my experience and thoughts on this. I trust it has been of interest. Now please, let us fast forward to present time.

We are now coming to our 12th Annual World Sound Healing Day—February 14, 2014. More than a dozen years ago, in deep meditation, I had received the message that it was time for me to turn my attention to utilizing sound as a method of planetary healing—I had already heavily been involved in bringing awareness of the healing power of sound on a personal level to many thousands of people. Now, it seemed, it was time for me to focus on planetary healing through sound as well.

Great, I think to myself. The only trouble was that whoever or whatever gave me this assignment had not given me the roadmap on how to do this. I knew I had to figure it out myself. Soon, the vision of the Temple of Sacred Sound manifested for me. And after that it became the world’s first sacred sound temple in cyberspace—a place where people can go 24/7 and project sounds for planetary healing (www.templeofsacredsound.org). Every year, the energy of this World Sound Healing Day event grows. And it seems that through various scientific projects, there is evidence that this activity of generating and project sacred sound has an effect on what I call “The Gaia Matrix”—the energy field of our beloved planet.

I will say that along with sending healing and peace to our planet, one of the major “purposes” for World Sound Healing Day (www.worldsoundhealingday.org) is: “Heal Our Waters!” This is most particularly valid for this year’s 2014 event. It was my hope when this purpose was first created that it was not necessary to point out the extreme pollution of our waters. It is obviously now (from all the people I have been communicating with) not necessary at this point in time and space—we all seem to be aware of this problem.

Recently, we have had some catastrophic events occur—particularly in the East—which have caused nuclear reactors to destruct. I have been following these events and the leakage of radiation for quite some time now in our waters and in our air. With regard to that, I will simply suggest that within 2 weeks of the event, there was evidence of radioactivity in the waters of California. Not much was discussed about it at this time. Now, it seems many know.

Bottom line—our planet is in a perilous place. We are in a state of crisis. This may have happened before. It doesn’t matter. What matters is that we, as a species have the ability to manifest solutions—we can create positive shift and change on the Earth. We can accelerate and accentuate the higher capabilities of our consciousness through working together in group prayers and mediations. Adding the element of sound to these prayers and mediations amplifies the collective energy of this.

We are now at a point with our waters—the literal lifeblood of our planet—that our waters are in a state of illness and in need of healing. This is also true about our air. From pollution via oil and coal to the destructive influences of radiation, it is necessary that now, more than ever, we begin to shift and change our water and our air back to its normal, healthy state of being. That is why I ask that whenever possible, you go to our www.templeofsacredsound.org and visit one of the three toning chambers and sound forth, projecting the energy of Light & Love through Sound onto our planet.

I especially ask that you come to the Temple of Sacred Sound and join us at noon (your local time) on February 14, 2014, for the 12th annual World Sound Healing Day, when people and groups throughout the Earth come together to generate intentionalized sound for planetary peace and healing. As noted again, one of the major purposes of Temple of Sacred Sound and World Sound Healing Day is: “Heal Our Waters!

Our toning chambers currently utilize three different sounds: the “Om”, the “Ah” and the “Hu.” On World Sound Healing Day, I always suggest that we work with the “Ah” sound. But in truth, from my perspective, it is neither the “seed syllable” nor the frequency that makes the difference. It is our intention—our purpose for the sound that truly gives power and focus to the sound. There are many different people, groups, and organizations that are suggesting different tones, etc. and I think it really doesn’t matter. Choose a sound that you resonate with—a tone or a mantra or what not that feels comfortable to you. Then, whatever this sound may be, project it with loving kindness to the Earth—to our waters, to the land, to the ground—to all aspects including the sentience of all beings on our planet.

I honor and thank all individuals who are working with sound and consciousness to help heal the planet. I offer to them and to you and to all of us, www.templeofsacredsound.org as a vehicle to assist in the generation of healing sounds for our planet. In addition, we offer a free download—what we call the “AH Training Wave” which is a combination of a meditation and sound that we believe should amplify your sounds whenever you utilize them for planetary healing. This “AH Training Wave” is available at www.worldsoundhealingday.org/ah-training-wave . If it feels appropriate please download this recording so that it may assist your co-creative healing experience. If other sites and sounds draw you to them, please go there. This is a time when we must work together for the extended enhancement of consciousness and the health of our planet.

Blessings of Light & Love through Sound!

Jonathan Goldman