Chant and Sacred Sound Master
An Interview with Jonathan Goldman
by Lane Badger

Four Corners: You have been deeply involved with the use of sound for the transformation of the Earth, and for personal transformation for years. What is the power of sound?

Jonathan: What isn’t the power of sound? The power of sound can encompass so many things from working on resonating and changing vibratory rates in the physical body- in the brain, the nervous system, the cellular structure and the molecular structure- the DNA encoding–that type of thing–to working with the chakras, and changing the vibratory rate of the subtle bodies. I ‘m also interested in the creation of what I call interdimensional fields of sound .called merkabahs or the light vehicles. A merkabah is an interdimensional field which you can travel through, or bring energy forms in or out of. There are many different ways of doing this- not just one.

Four Corners: How do you create a merkabah?

Jonathan: Well, in my second level of my workshop I teach and actually do create what I call an interdimensional field using sound. We couple the sound with a specific harmonic so there is a particular vibratory sonic ratio as well as specific colors and a specific geometric form. You can feel it while we ‘re creating this actual field You can put your hands around it. And then, we usually either raise it up or sink it down into the Earth. They are like diamonds—etheric diamonds.

Four Corners: Are you talking about a conscious implantation of a sound energy field in a particular area ?

Jonathan: Totally…the Tibetan monks work with these mandalic forms which are interdimensional fields created when the monks visualize specific sacred forms. And they ‘re real. No question about it! If you’ve ever seen the monks chanting and have sensitivity you realize that there are these beings that come down and through these geometric forms and fields. Actually, you ‘re able to go through a portal that has been specially created I think that the aboriginal people with didgeridoos are able do this too. There are a lot of different traditions that work along these lines.

Four Corners: Where do these portals lead?

Jonathan: Anywhere you want them to. There are lots of different planes or dimensions-countless ones. And one might go to where your intentionality has guided you go. I ‘m very, very specific about what the field is and what its purpose is because I do not want to bringing in or out any energy forms that are not for the highest good of everybody. So you’ve got to be kind of cautious with this stuff. I consult inwardly as well as outwardly.

Four Corners: What effect does working with sound have on the brain?

Jonathan: I ‘d like to just speculate that the brain indeed is really a transmitting and receiving device. Just perhaps, the mind is not located in the brain. Okay? Perhaps the brain is really a transmitting and receiving device that we can tune and open to different types of circuitry. One of my major interests in working with sound is to be able to retune the brain by creating and activating different portions of the brain.

With respect to this, dolphins are here to teach us new paradigms about the brain and a new myths. I don ‘t think a lot of people are aware of the new. I ‘m not sure that I am either, but I think our children will be creating the new . For example, when my son was born there weren’t too many paradigms that I could lock into in terms of being a father, in terms of being willing to, not only co-parent, but manifest the Divine Mother through the male energy I think that this is possible because one aspect of Tantric is to embody both the male and female aspects. In my Tara recording, I work with the tantric aspect of Tara ,both undertones and overtones, for the embodiment of the divine female and the divine male in the Goddess ..

My latest recording is called Trance Tara. It is an invocation and an evocation to Tara, the Tibetan goddess of compassion and protection. It works with the energies of the White Tara and the Green Tara and in specific with the energies of the White Tara of the Autumn Moon, who is the healer of infectious diseases. It features Tibetan overtoning chanting, which is that [makes sound] growl sound, male and female mantra choral voices chanting “Om Tara tu Tara tum,” Tibetan bowls and bells and tamboura and just extraordinary tribal drumming It ‘s designed for both movement and meditation because I wanted to create something extraordinary.

Four Corners: What is trance dancing?

Jonathan: People are now beginning to combine movement and music for frequency shifting. I ‘m usually one of the musicians who are playing around when the people are moving. We having a Tara Trance Dance in Sedona on January 10, 1997.

Four Corners: What are your highest ideals for your work in sound?

Jonathan: I have this this vision that everything in the universe is vibration, including our emotions, and the energy of love. We will discover the frequency of love and that it will be recordable. We’ll be able to put this frequency within our instruments It will be pouring out of every juke box and every radio station in the world. And it will just change the vibrational fields of people, make everybody wake up. You know it ‘s a dream I have. It ‘s a nice one.

Four Corners: It ‘s a good dream. I mean if you ‘re going to dream of something that ‘s real exciting.