D ‘n A  Phi Ratio Tuning Forks DnA Square
Sacred Ratio of 8:13
by Jonathan Goldman
These aluminum tuning forks create the ratio of 8 to 13–a new sonic relationship to be found on the planet. These tuning forks express the phi ratio, which some believe to be the ratio of love. They represent an outer octave of the sacred spiral. When sounded together they have a most unique effect: some hear angels singing, others become aware of light being encoded in the physical and etheric. Others feel their consciousness spiraling.  Still others feel a gateway opening. Health professionals who have experimented with these tuning forks have found they balance the left and right hemispheres of the brain and induce deep states of tranquility. Other professionals indicate they can balance and align the chakras. Still others believe that they actually create balance on a sub-atomic levels and can actual activate new aspects of the DNA helix.  .


This 8 to 13 ratio (8/13) can not be played on a piano, because a piano is an even tempered instrument, with the difference in notes based upon a logarithmatically related formula. In fact, this harmonically related ratio of 8 to 13 does not seem to be  found anywhere in Western Music. It may exist in Eastern Music, although we have yet to find it. To our knowledge, the 8 to 13 ratio does not appear in any scales on the planet. This ratio was computed using 288 hz. (the note “D”) as the fundamental frequency. The 13th harmonic of this fundamental was calculated and divided by 2 until its frequency (468 hz.) fell within the same octave as the fundamental of 288 hz. 

The “phi” ratio is found in much of the sacred architecture of the world. This ratio is also found in the spirals of the Nautilus Shell and is called the “sacred spiral”. The Fibonacci series represents one aspect of the phi ratio. This series goes 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13 ,21, 34, 55, 89, 144 and so on, with the two proceeding numbers creating the next number. The further up the series one goes, the closer to the “irrational” number of phi (a never ending number abbreviated as .618) one approaches. The ratios of 1 to 1,  2 to 3, 3 to 5 and 5 to 8 are all be found in music today. However, 8 to 13 represents the first new “interval which is not found in music. This 8 to 13 ratio represents an outer octave of the sonic ratios inherent in the sacred spiral. It may represent a new level of listening for humanity.

Attunement to this interval may heighten evolution, as it expands our perceptions of sound. It may indeed alter the DNA and allow new encodements of light. We leave that up to you. NO MEDICAL CLAIMS ARE MADE WITH THESE TUNING FORKS. However, we’re sure you’ll enjoy them. Please let us know any more effects you may experience from them. We’re collecting data even as this is being written. 

note: These tuning forks are not for everyone!  The powerful energies that many experience through their resonance may not be in resonance with everyone. IF ANYONE EXPERIENCES ANY DISCOMFORT FROM THE USE OF THESE TUNING FORKS, STOP USING THE TUNING FORKS IMMEDIATELY. 

When you first use these forks, find yourself a comfortable and safe space where you can immediately surrender to the energetics of the sounds. DO NOT USE WHILE DRIVING OR OPERATING MACHINERY.

As with any sound, the intention of the user is extremely important. Understand that you are using sacred sonic tools that can generate extraordinary responses from those who receive the energy. In HEALING SOUNDS is the formula: “Frequency + Intent = Healing.” This means that the intention of the person using the sound is of equal importance to the actual sound being created. 

Be clear about your intention–what you would like to achieve as the result of using these tuning forks? The sacred ratio of 8 to 13 is quite important in regard to the effects of these tuning forks. However, the intention and desired outcome of their effects is equally important. Some believe this phi ratio expresses the ratio of love. Love is a wonderful  intention to transmit and be received when using the tuning forks. From one perspective, all else, whether it be healing or higher consciousness  is a result of the energy and the intent of love. Let this energy ride on the carrier wave of the sound! 


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