Lost Chord: Chapter 15
by Jonathan Goldman

 “The world was created through sound!” Shamael said.

I nodded my head and watched as he waved his hand. I saw the creation
of the earth and the planets, of suns and galaxies and universes.”

 “It is not sound as you would think of in human terms. You think of
sound as that which you perceive through your sense of hearing. Everything
in the universe is in a state of vibration and has its own natural frequency.
Everything in the universe was created from these frequencies which are
unique and natural to themselves, ” the angel continued.

 “From the spinning of your electrons as they revolve around the nucleus
in your atom, to the rotation of the planets around your sun, all these
create vibrations which may be understood as being sound. They produce the
sound and they are the result of the sound. This is important. Do you

 “I do Shamael,” I said. “Everything is in a state of vibration.”

“That is so.” the Angel acknowledged. “You are nothing more or less

than vibration. Your physical body, etheric bodies and other bodies are
merely vibrating at different speeds or different rates of being. It is
important to learn to be able to consciously change the vibrations of these
different bodies in order to be able to acclimate to the different frequency
shifts that are occurring on your planet now. Do you understand?” The
Angel waved his hand again and suddenly I was looking at myself, or rather
looking at my selves, myriad versions of me all vibrating at various speeds.
It was fairly awe-inspiring and rather complicated to understand.

“I think so,” I answered.

“This is what your Lost Chord does. This is how it creates a gateway

that allows dimensional access.” Shamael touched my forehead and I was back
as one being talking to the angel in the domed temple, standing next to a
marble pillar and a fountain with luminescent liquid flowing from it. “These
gateways have been accessed before by humans, particularly those who have
devoted their lives to the sacred. They have worked with both the frequency
of an object, and its intention.”

“It’s intention?” I asked.

“When the Creator first spoke that word which brought illumination to

the Universe, the Creator did not merely say “Light” or the Divine equivalent
of this.”

“No?” I said, still trying to follow.

“No”, Shamael repeated. “The Creator thought of the energy and of the

intention of light which was then encoded this upon the sound.”

“Oh,” I said, still not comprehending.

“A sound may be encoded with an intention, an energy or a thought form.

It also may simply be a sound. When it becomes encoded with an intention, it
becomes more powerful. When the Tibetan Monks on your planet chant one of
their mantras, they are not merely chanting words which are create a
frequency. They are also encoding the words with intentions. They do this
through precise visualizations. This allows them to gain inter dimensional
access to various places. This creates the Gateways.”

“I understand this,” I said.

“Through repeating these mantras, which by their very nature are sacred

and then adding their visualizations, the Tibetan are able to make their
mantras more powerful. The mantras become encoded with specific energy. By
chanting previously encoded words such as these mantras, an uninitiated
person may experience some of this Gateway effect and perhaps travel to other
realms of consciousness. The very act of repeating a mantra creates an
intentionality. Nevertheless, discipline is required for continued
clarification of the process. There is a built in protection in self-created
sounds which does not allow those working with it to go beyond their own

I nodded my head. Then I understood. “The Lost Chord does not require

any intention or any discipline.”

“Exactly,” Shamael affirmed. “Through the transformation of the mantric

formulae into sonic formulae, your friend has created an acceleration in the
machinations of the universe. As has been said, this has happened before.
It will happen again. But the Lost Chord is able to create the Gateways
without the conscious intention of the individual using it. Because of this,
it can be manipulated by any who have knowledge of this process.”
Uncle Jude, I thought.

“Exactly,” said Shamael.

“But how can I stop him?” I asked aloud.

“You do not need to stop him. He will stop himself, but you must be

part of that process.”

“I don’t understand?” I exclaimed.

“Only experience will reveal this truth,” Shamael said. Suddenly I woke


I had been asleep in the backseat of my Bronco. I was covered by a

blanket which I kept in the back. I rubbed my eyes and looked up. It was
getting light. I looked at my watch and saw it was after 6:00 am. Charlie
Singing Eagle was not in the car and I didn’t have a clue as to where we were.
I sat up and stretched. We were somewhere out in the woods, that much
was clear. There was a little cabin about 50 feet from where the car was
parked. I got out and began walking towards it. A light was burning inside
and I could hear voices.

“Here he comes now,” I heard Charlie say as I walked up four steps to

the cabin.

I entered the wooden cabin. It was a tiny A frame made of logs. There

was a fire burning in the fireplace which cast long shadows over the two
figures sitting in front of it. One of the figures was Charlie, who was
sitting on an old lounge chair. The other figure sitting in a wooden rocker
I knew instantly.

“Christopher,” Charlie said, “This is Grandma Gladys Goodnight.”

I walked over to the tiny woman sitting with a blanket wrapped around
her. “How do you do, ma’m?” I asked. She was the oldest looking woman I
think I’d ever seen. Her entire face was one huge set of wrinkles. She had
the clearest eyes I’ve ever seen and light seemed to radiate around her.
“Just fine Christopher,” she laughed, her eyes twinkling. “Did you have
a good sleep.”

“Excellent,” I responded.

“Well I believe you needed it after what you’ve been through,” she said.

“I guess so.” I answered.

     “Pull up a chair and sit down with us,” she stated.

“I’d love to ma’m” I said, as humbly as I could. “But I don’t think

we’ve got time.” I looked at Charlie. “I thought you said it was urgent we
get to the Ranch.”

“It is Christopher,” Charlie said. “But it’s even more urgent that we

get some advice from Gladys.”

I shook my head and yawned.

“Get the boy some coffee, Charlie!” Grandma Gladys said. “Sit down

boy!” She motioned to a stool that was next to her.

“Coffee?” Charlie asked me.

     I shrugged my shoulders. “Sure. Why not?”

Charlie walked over to a pot of coffee that was sitting next to the

fire. He poured me a cup and handed it to me. I thanked him and sat on the
stool. Then I turned to the old woman. “Any advice you can spare?” I
asked. “Anything that could help me out of this situation? I don’t know how
much Charlie has told you but….”.

Grandma Gladys held up her hand. “I know enough to tell you that there

are some very powerful spirits involved in this situation of yours. Not all
of them are very good either. You can use every bit of help you can get.”

“That’s for sure,” I confirmed.

Gladys looked at me and shook her head. “You’ve sure been through a lot

of changes in the last few days.”

“That’s for sure,” I said again. I was beginning to sound like a broke


“A quick initiation in the spirit world,” she offered.

“I guess you could say that,” I affirmed.

“It is a powerful, good experience you have had.”

I nodded my head. “That doesn’t make it any easier.”

“Easy is not the answer,” she said. “Truth is.”

I liked this old lady. There was something very comforting about the

words she spoke and her wisdom. Still, I was scared.

“I’m scared.”

“Scared is only sacred misspelled,” she answered.

I thought about that for a moment before I understood. Then she

laughed. “It’s alright to be scared, but you have to know what you’re
scared of. This is very unpleasant and it could get more unpleasant. You
must take action.”

“I know,” I said rather glumly. “But I’m still scared.”

“Now Christopher,” she said very sweetly and gently, “You’ve got this

big old archangel standing right behind you and you say you’re still scared.
Why shame on you. “

“You can see him too?” I exclaimed.

I looked at Charlie who laughed at the expression of my face. “She

trained me,” was all he said.

“This is for real then?” I asked.

“As real as anything,” Gladys said. “Or as unreal as anything. All

your mystics and masters have always asked what is reality and what is

“Okay,” I said, smiling as I waved her to stop. “I get it. Or I don’t

get it. I mean the three of us are sitting here casually talking about an
angel that probably no one else in the world can see and that’s alright. But
my two friends are being held as mindless zombies by some crazed cult leader
who thinks he’s the second coming and wants to take over the world using
sound. That is a reality”.

Grandma Gladys looked at me with a long, piercing look. “What are you

scared of boy?”

“Lots of things,” I answered.

“Scared ain’t nothing but sacred misspelled,” Gladys repeated.

“You said that before,” I told her.

     “Yes, but you still don’t truly understand.” she replied. She bent over
and petted the head of a large wolf dog that was asleep at her feet. I
hadn’t noticed the animal before.

“Maybe not,” I admitted.

“Everything is sacred, Christopher. Everything is an aspect of the

Great Spirit. But sometimes things are twisted and that’s alright. You have
to have black in order to have white. It’s part of the Great Spirit’s plan.
Do you know what I mean?”

“Yeah, I get that,” I acknowledged. “Balance is part of the process of


“That’s right boy,” she laughed. “Now what’re you scared of? You

scared of me?”

“Of course not,” I answered.

“But you are scared of this Uncle Jude, right?”

“That’s a fact, ma’m,” I replied.

“Yet Uncle Jude and I are the same,” Grandma Gladys said.

“Except that you’re working the light side and he’s working the dark

side,” I said. “He wants to control and manipulate. Do you want to do this?”
Gladys shook her head. “No I don’t Christopher. I don’t need to. But
Uncle Jude does. Do you know why?”

I was about to say “no”, when it hit me. “Because he wants love.” I


“That’s right Christopher. Because he wants love. And whose love does

he want most of all?”

“God’s love?” I asked, but I already knew it was the answer.

“God’s love!” she repeated. “The love of the Great Spirit, the Creator,

Wakantanka or whatever you want to say. That love is the greatest love of
all and it is sacred. That boy, your Uncle Jude, is just lost and confused.
That’s all. He wants to find the sacred, but he’s scared, scared that he
can’t. So instead of trusting in the natural order and finding God’s love
within himself, he tries to twist and manipulate things to his own workings,
so that people love him. Then he feels that maybe he’s worthy of receiving
God’s love.”

“Yeah,” I said, “I can relate to this from a psychological or spiritual

understanding of the situation. And on one level I feel sorry for Uncle
John. But that still doesn’t change the situation.”

“Maybe it doesn’t,” Gladys said. “Maybe it does. What scares you most

about Uncle Jude?”

“That I’ll have to fight him,” I said immediately. “He’s powerful and

strong and quite frankly, I’ve never liked to fight.”

“Fight him with love, child,” she answered.

“What?” I exclaimed.

“Fight him with God’s love, Christopher. It’s the most powerful thing on

mother earth.”

“What!” I repeated.

“Calm down boy,” she said. In her soft and gentle voice she told me

“Now close your eye and take a deep breath.”

I did as I was told.

“Now as you breathe in, feel God’s love inside of you. Become aware of

God’s love as being part of everything. Everything is sacred.”

I breathed in and experienced this warm glowing feeling. As I did, my

heart began to tingle and my third eye began to vibrate. Suddenly some of
the memories that I had during my Lost Chord experience began to come back.
I remembered the interrelationship of all things and how the entire universe
and all the different dimensionalities were connected in a web.

“Feel the energy of the Great Spirit’s love. There is nothing this love

can not penetrate. Feel this love like an ocean. Know that if you can be
fluid like the ocean, if you can vibrate to the different waves of this
energy, then you can be part of this energy. Do not be stuck. That’s what
happened to your Uncle Jude. He’s stuck in a place and he can’t get out. To
be stuck means you are fighting. It means you are scared. To be fluid
allows you to change with the energy of the moment. It is like that old
image of the wheat bending in the strong wind while the board that is rigid
breaks. You don’t have to fight anyone. All you have to do is love. Raise
your vibrations when you come across Uncle Jude. He won’t be able to do a
thing to you.”

I saw the multi-colored wings of my angelic friend and was filled with

an extraordinary feeling of peace and light. All the fears I had about
trying to rescue Rusty and Dave and getting the Lost Chord back had
vanished–at least for the moment.

“Everything’s going to be alright,” I stated, opening my eyes to the

pleasant sight of Grandma Gladys and Charlie Singing Eagle looking at me.

“You bet it is,” Gladys affirmed. “Just walk in the Great Spirit’s path

and you will be fine.”

“How about if I walk in God’s sound?” I asked, remembering what Shamael

had told me about sound creating light.

“Now you’ve have it,” Gladys laughed.

“How do I do that?” I asked.

“Didn’t that big angel teach you nothing?” Gladys laughed again.

“I guess he left that for you to do,” I said, shrugging my shoulders.

“I guess he did,” Gladys said, nodding her head. “Okay Christopher , I

have teaching for you and not a lot of time. But you’ve had quite an
education in the past few days–kind of like getting your high school diploma

“Kind of,” I admitted.

“Now, it’s time for a crash course in college,” Gladys told me. She

turned to Charlie. “Charlie, can you scramble some eggs and make some food.
This boy’s going to need some nourishment. We all will. “

Charlie nodded and walked over to a box to do something. I didn’t

follow his movements because I was once again caught in the gaze of Grandma
Gladys Goodnight.

“Now you listen good, Christopher,” she began, “I’m going to teach you

how to walk with the sound of the Creator.”