Shifting Frequencies: Compassion through Sound
by Jonathan Goldman & Shamael
This is Jonathan Goldman and Shamael talking to you about frequency shifting and the power of sound. Jonathan will deal with the psycho-acoustics of sound, as well as his own experiences. Shamael will deal with the inter-dimensional aspects of this work. We will unify as one voice for this experience with you.
Last chapter, we concluded our discussion (for the time being) on fields and began to focus on the use of sound to create and influence fields.  We briefly talked on the positive aspects of invoking energy forms of compassion for activation and resonance of these sacred spaces. We would like to continue this discussion. It is said that there are only two basic emotions which guide us; love and fear. There is much truth to this. Out of the energies of love come many other emotions such as joy, ecstasy and happiness. Out of the energies of fear, come other emotions such as anger, despair and hatred.  Now, this of course is an oversimplification, but you get the idea. What is most important is that our lives and the reality we create are filtered through the glasses of emotion and we tend to see things through the spectacles of  either love or fear.
It has also been suggested by others (and we are only stating this information, not claiming it as ours, but it is important and should be shared) that in order to reach higher dimensions of consciousness, it is necessary to be present in a state of love. We agree with this. When talking about higher dimensionalities, often the idea of a fourth or fifth dimension is discussed. Recently, a friend of Jonathan’s came back from a conference. “I was in the 5th Dimension” the friend said.  Asking for clarification on what that was. The friend replied, “You know, when everything is happening just right and you’re in the flow. When everything is synchronistic and things that you think about immediately occur.”
We like this definition because it is not to difficult to understand.  It simply describes a state where thoughts become reality.  Jonathan believes that if this is the 5th dimension, we may have already entered it. There is truth to this, for as you know, your thoughts do create reality.  However, many times, the realities that you create for yourself are not necessarily the kindest, the gentlest–the most loving.  Many times these realities that you create for yourself are done so through fear.  So, if Jonathan’s friend was operating from the 5th dimension (or whatever you want to call it), it was a frequency based upon love and not fear.  Jonathan suggested so to his friend and suggested that perhaps when he returned to his normal, everyday life, his friend had begun to again operate out of fear. The friend agreed.
Clearing the emotional body is of such great importance in these amazing and transformative times. If you are becoming more and more capable and conscious of co-creating your realities, both the negative and the positive aspects of your creations come into being. And of course, as you mystics and spiritual messengers throughout time have always said, Love is the answer.
This column is on Shifting Frequencies and in particular on ways that sound can be utilized to create vibrational change. Yet we will tell you that the greatest frequency shift that can occur is through changing fear to love. This is the most extraordinary vibrational change that one can experience.   And yes, sound can be a wonderful vehicle for doing this.
Love is a vibration. It has been postulated that love is a long, coherent wave form that actually interfaces with the helixes of the DNA, helping encode and make frequency shifts. Fear on the other hand, it has also been postulated, is a short, incoherent wave form that creates the opposite effect on DNA. Experiments were done in a laboratory not long ago in which a DNA strand was unbraided. Then a group of researchers working solely with the vibration of love as a thoughtform gathered around this unbraided DNA and beamed love at it. The DNA recoiled itself. What an extraordinary experiment and what a remarkable result.
We do not, by the way, suggest that the wave form of love or fear can be reduced to mere frequency in terms of measurement via cycles per second–this is a complete misunderstanding of the subject. Long waves of frequency are not more “loving” than short waves. Otherwise bass notes would be more loving than treble notes and they are not. But in terms of feelings, when you are in a loving state, you will probably notice you are in a much different vibrational state than when you are in a fearful state. And when you are in a loving state, your heart beat, respiration and brainwaves are very much different than a fearful state. In love, your brain waves are slow, as is your heart beat and respiration. In a fearful state, your brain waves are rapid, as is your heart beat and respiration. But again, these are effects of the vibration of love and fear and can not be reduced to cycles per second of sound.
Sound can, however, help trigger the response of love. If you would like to try this exercise: sit quietly for a few moments and then think of a very loving experience that you have had.  Now, as you think of this loving experience, begin to sound forth with a very gentle “ah” sound. Make this sound as a long, extended sound: “Aaaaaahhhhh” and while you make this sound with this thought or intention of love, feel your heart chakra resonating with this sound.  Feel your heart center opening, balancing and aligning with this energy. The “ah” sound is an excellent sound for working with the energy of the heart center and the feeling of love.  It is the sound which Jonathan uses to resonate the heart center when he leads workshops in an exercise he calls “Vowels as Mantras.” There are different sounds for different chakras, but the “ah” sound seems to work so nicely for the heart.
The “ah” sound is also found in so many of the god and goddess names on the planet. Krishna, Buddha , Yeshua (Jesus),  Avalokitesvara, Allah,  Wakant anka, Yah Way, Apollo, Tara, Athena, Saraswati, Gaia, Shekinah to name just a few. Do you think this is just coincidence?  It is not.
The “ah” sound, of course, is not the only sound to convey  the energy of love. It is but one of many.  We merely bring it to your attention as a simple sound which you can work with. And it does not merely resonate the heart chakras–all of your chakras can and will someday resonate to the energy of love and with the many sounds that convey the energy of love. All sounds infact, can resonate with the energy of love. And when this occurs, all sounds will be sacred sounds for you will have reached a point in your development where the intention of the sound supercededs the frequency of the sound.  Then you will have reached a point in your consciousness where you can truly resonate with the energy of what Jonathan’s friend called the 5th Dimension. 
Compassion is a key to working with the energy of love for compassion is the understanding of the unconditional energy of love. Unconditional love–what a wonderful concept to conceive and what a difficult concept to really achieve. To love unconditionally is to love all beings equally as an aspect of the divine. To love unconditionally is to love each and every one as being sacred. How extraordinary and how challenging for to love in this manner is to break down the separation that has occurred between you and to realize the oneness of all. It is not an easy thing.  
 Perhaps the gentlest way of beginning to experience this unconditional love is to start with one’s self. If you have already achieved this and have forgiven yourself for whatever imperfections you may have experienced as being human, then you may be able to begin unconditionally loving others (and we do not mean just humans, but animals and trees–infact all life). However, for most, a key to unconditional love lies initially in the loving of one’s self. When you can truly love yourself, without condition (for it would not be unconditional love with condition), then you are ready to move onward toward truly loving others. Even divine entities have difficulty with this.
In the Buddhist tradition, there is the being known as the Avalokitesvara, the Bodhisattva of Compassion, whose name has been translated as “Sound That Illuminates The World.” This being reaching enlightenment in the physical But instead of traveling to the highest of heavenly realms to receive his just rewards, the Avalokitesvara decided to stay and help out on the Earth  and other planes until all sentient beings reached enlightenment.  Legend has it that after only a short time trying this, the Avalokitesvara became so despondent over all the suffering in the world that he literally blew up from the pain. Another divine entity, his spiritual father, came to the Avalokitesvara’s aid, putting him back together and giving counsel and  increased abilities. The Avalokitesvara realized that even by only helping one other being, he was doing extraordinary work. 
We tell this story to you to emphasize what an extraordinary gift compassion is, and how difficult it is to embody. With compassion comes the awareness of  all the fear on the planet and all the suffering that results from this. It is an incredibly loving state, but one that may also be accompanied by sadness, until one is able to detach from the little self. Then one will realize what a gift compassion is–to love unconditionally, despite all the fear from others one encounters. As one comes into the consciousness of compassion, it is important to realize that through assistance from the Divine (as the Avalokitesvara learned), all is possible.    
 We also tell you that compassion is necessary for those of you working with the energy you call “healing.” With compassion you empathize with and resonate with others until they become as one with you. And the fears and imbalances become transmuted through the energy of love. Through this perfect oneness which has been achieved, healing occurs. Compassion means with passion –with the passion of the Christ– and it is with this passion that you transmit the energies of healing, whether they be through sound, or light, touch or whatever.
We briefly discussed last time how the Christ and may others embodied the wave form of compassion. And we also suggested that this waveform was wonderful for creating sacred space and for shifting frequencies of self and others. Working with this energy through sounding is truly awe inspiring.
Once Jonathan had a student who was very interested in finding the right “frequency” for diffusing negative energy.  Jonathan told the student that he did not feel there was one correct frequency for this, but that projecting sound with the intention of love might be quite effective for remedying the situation.  Jonathan also suggested working with specific mantras that utilized this energy–particularly the “Om Mani Padme Hum” chant (the mantra to invoke the Avalokitesvara) and others which the student felt comfortable with.  
 The next day this student reported that they were driving home when they saw a car driving erratically. They were very concerned that this car would cause  an accident, so they began a mantric chant while projecting the energy of love. The other car suddenly stopped their practice driving. All during the two hour ride home, this student continued the mantric chanting, beaming love at any dangerous and aggressive drivers. And it worked. We like to believe that at that time, the student was in the so called 5th dimension and we are grateful for all in that state.
Sounding with the energy of compassion, whether through mantric chanting, vowel sounds or other sacred sounds is extraordinary to do alone. It is even better when done in a group. This is not to downsize the effect of individual sounding, but merely to stress the extraordinary effect that sounding in a group accomplishes. In groups, the consciousness that can be achieved is greater than anything that can be imagined. 
Sound and intentionality build upon each other. As this occurs, the effect is synergistic, much greater than the sum of the parts. As Jesus said he would be around  when two or more were gathered in His name, he was not speaking figuratively. The effect of sacred sound in a group is like that. The mathematics are very different.  1+ 1 = 3 or even more.   
So we suggest again to you to gather together in sacred sound and experience the results. You can create sacred space in this manner. You can change the frequencies of imbalanced areas in this way.  And the energy will stay changed–at least for a while because you have changed the fields–you have charged the fields with sacred sound.   And all who enter the field will be effected and changed themselves, long after your own sounds have stopped.
Remember when sounding together in a group to have a common intention. We suggest that one of the intentions will be to become channels of Divine Light and Love using sacred sound. If you can add visualization to the sound that you are making–either by invoking specific entities who work with love, or by seeing the sound manifesting sacred geometries of love–this will assist in amplifying and focusing the energy that you are working with.  Working with sound in this manner, you will be assisting not only your personal frequency shifts and those around you, but the frequency shifts of the planet itself.  We give thanks.