Sound & Heat Thermography


Much of my research, work and training involves the use of the human voice for healing and transformation. In particular, I focus upon vowel sounds and the power of their corresponding vocal harmonics to effect these changes. Vocal harmonics have been utilized by many sacred and spiritual practitioners since ancient times, including Tibetan Monks and Mongolian Shaman. I’ve now introduced a simplified method of making these vocal harmonics for Westerners—easy to create and receive the therapeutic benefits. Information about vocal harmonics is found in my book HEALING SOUNDS. These following photographs are described in the chapter “Harmonics and Healing”. This is the first time they have been made available to the public.

These four photographs are heat thermography photographs of me creating vocal harmonics. Dr. Elizabeth Philips who was conducting tests on the effects of music to create relaxation took them. They were taken at the 1st International New Age Music Conference in Los Angeles in February, 1989 where I was a speaker. Heat thermography measures changes in skin temperature—when a subject is relaxed, their skin temperature is raised. There seems to be a major relationship between changes in skin temperature and shifts in the organs behind or below the skin—with regard to these photographs, it would indicate changes in the brain. This change in skin temperature could also indicate changes in the energetics of the chakra associated with an area. These photos may show how self created sound was able to influence the brow or ajna chakra.

Dr. Philips took some photographs of me creating vocal harmonics. She did not develop these photos until months later. Then, she excitedly called me, explaining that she had never seen such rapid changes in skin temperature. Dr. Philips consulted a neurologist with the heat thermography photographs. He was somewhat baffled by the rapid changes in skin temperature and wanted to know if I had been doing any visualizations while making these sounds. I said that no, I hadn’t, but I had been consciously projecting the harmonics to specific portions of my brain. Dr. Philips asked if I thought there was a possible for treatment of headaches using this technique. I replied that I thought this would just be the tip of the iceberg.

 It is my belief that self-created sounds such as vocal harmonics can trigger different chemicals such as melatonin in the brain. Dr. Ranjie Singh of Canada read HEALING SOUNDS and decided to research this. He showed in POWERFUL SELF HEALING TECHNIQUES that the hormone melatonin is produced through self-created harmonics sounds. It is also my belief that it is possible for vocal harmonics to create new neural synaptic connections in the brain. I believe there are extraordinary healing possibilities with the use of vocal harmonics as a means of stimulating different portions of the brain. This may be very important with regard to head injury and stroke patients. These photos may also show how the brow chakra can be activated using sacred sound.

Slide #1:
This first heat thermography photograph shows me before I began to make sounds. Please note the color. There is a predominance of red
Slide #2:
This next photo was taken as I began to create vocal harmonics. Notice the immediate changes in the color—especially around the forehead–you’ll see the color blue immediately become visible here.

Slide #3:
This next photograph was taken as I continued making vocal harmonics. Notice continued changes in the color of the forehead—there is still more blue color.


Slide #4:
This last photograph was taken at the conclusion of my creating vocal harmonics. Here you’ll see not only continued changes in the forehead, but also in the sinus cavity and around the cheek area.



Note that the entire process of making sound probably took about one minute. These heat thermography photographs were taken during that time. If you look at all these photographs together again in succession, watch the progression of colors and you’ll notice some powerful changes occurring through self created sounds.

Dr. Jeffrey Thompson,Founder/Director of the Center for Neuroacoustic Research (website: was at this session and recalls his experiences:

I remember the thermography experience well. A friend of mine had a booth at the 1st International New Age Music Conference in which she had a heat thermography unit set up with a color TV monitor to show people their heat reading from their face. She was taking Polaroid’s of the before and after readings. You had a booth as well close by and came over to try it yourself. Once you sat down you decided to try a brow chakra toning to open this chakra. This was the first experience I had ever had of a scientific measuring device recording a real-time event of awakening a chakra with sound. This was certainly a defining moment for whatever skeptical parts may have still been in my mind in those days. This is all worthy of further research and documentation.