Adding Power to Mantras with Visualization

mantraImage by mailumes via Flickr

Mantras (or the “frequencies”) by themselves may not be as powerful and effective as when they are coupled with visualization (or the “intent” if you like). This is not saying that they will not work by themselves, but only that they work better when a specific visualization is added. Awareness of this may alleviate some of the worry about the uninitiated using specific mantras and the dangers inherent in this. It is relatively simple for an individual to create a certain sound. One can pick up a book and find a mantra or hear such a sound on a tape and repeat it. However, it requires some discipline and concentration to add a coherent thought form to that visualization. It has been found that when an individual is at the level of being able to effectively unify the energies of sound with specific thought forms they are also at a high enough level of consciousness to be able to handle the fields they are invoking.

Vocalization + Visualization = Manifestation

In my previous blogs we discussed the concepts of “frequency” and “intent”.  “Frequency” is the rate at which an object vibrated and is also a way of measuring sound.   “Intent” is the energy behind any created sound.  Together, these two elements create how a sound may be used–it’s effect for healing, transformation or whatever.   In other blogs we discussed the concept  that we are all unique vibratory beings and that the frequency (or frequencies) for one individual would be very different than the frequencies for another individual. I would now like to return to return to the concept of “Frequency + Intent = Healing”.