World Sound Healing Day

© 2004 Jonathan Goldman

Creating Sound Temples

Some time ago in deep meditation, I was instructed on the importance of co-creating events in which people would create sacred sound together in order to heal the planet. World Sound Healing Day is such an event. I was told that gatherings where people sounded sacred tones filled with the intention of Love were THE single most effective tool for manifesting change on the planet at this most precarious time in our existence.

The gatherings of people in this manner is one aspect of the creation of Sacred Sound Temples, where people could sound together and experience the divine without getting tied down in the duality of separatism by giving it a name, or a belief system or a particular dividing code. People would simply sound together and through sounding together, experience the oneness of all. These Sacred Sound Temples were and are not an original idea—others have spoken about them before and they are indeed ancient in origin. These Sacred Sound Temples would be non denominational—allowing and accepting the love, worship and reverence of all who wish to resonate together regardless of race, creed or color. This concept of worshipping the Divine (or whatever name you wish to call it) without having to follow a specific path, without competition or creating the other as being wrong is of paramount importance with regard to creating peace on this planet and creating peace within and without.

The actual creation of the Sacred Sound Temples is simply a focal point, though their manifestation on the physical and etheric planes does provide key anchoring points for transformative energies. I believe that Chris James, Tom Kenyon and others have already achieved this and we give thanks for their work. However, no temple is needed—it is simply an etheric matrix or blueprint of consciousness that needs to evolve and allow people to sound freely and become one with each other and the divine in this process. The greatest Sacred Sound Temple that can exist, is of course, the Earth itself.

The Importance of Intent

In my book HEALING SOUNDS, I present the formula “FREQUENCY + INTENT = HEALING”. In the book is an additional formula: “VOCALIZATION + VISUALIZATION = MANIFESTATION”. This means that the sound coupled with the energy behind the sound creates the effect of the sound. This energy is best manifested as a heart felt intention of love. There are specific ways of utilizing this energy in order to assist the process of prayer. (Please see the article, “Projecting Intent” on this website for more information on this subject).

The more I work with sound, the more I realize that the higher the level of consciousness we achieve, the more the importance of the intent of the sound. Thus, from my perspective, too much emphasis on which frequency (or frequencies) are needed is missing a main aspect of the formula—particularly for those working from a high level of consciousness.

It has been my experience that with particularly spiritually developed beings, the sound gives way to the intention. A spiritual teacher can have an “unmusical voice” and yet perform miracles when they speak or sing. It doesn’t matter. Regardless of the frequency, their heart felt energy of love and compassion is going out on the sound. And that is what is being received.

The “AH” Sound

As discussed more thoroughly in another article, it is my belief that the “AH” sound is one of the easiest tones for people to sound. The “AH” sound is almost universally regarded in different traditions as a heart sound—a sound for resonating the heart center and embodying compassion and love. It is also, simply, a vowel sound and thus, while being quite sacred, it can be utilized by any tradition, regardless of beliefs or language. The “AH” is thus unconsciously understood to be a sound without borders—it can be utilized by anyone, regardless of race, creed, color tradition or religion without people having prior concept of what it means. For most, there is an unconscious positive feeling during the sound that naturally resonates in and from the heart. It is a sound we frequently make when we’re in love, or when we’re feeling a deep sense of peace. (Please see the article “The AH Sound” on this website for more information on this subject).

For those who would like to have a specific frequency to tone along with at the given times, we are offering a 13 second download of an “AH” sound especially created by my wife Andi and I. This “AH” is sung in the keynote of “C” vibrating at around 256 cycles per second (a harmonic of 8 hz. which many believe to be the resonance of the Earth). When we sang this “AH”, there was much energy of love and compassion put into this sound by my wife Andi and I (as well as many of the people from the Healing Sounds Intensive). This “C” note is a harmonic of what many believe is the resonant frequency of the earth—the Schumann Resonance, which is an electro-magnetic pulse measured at between 7.8 and 8.2 cycles per second. (note: since this is actually an “average”, due to the pulsations that occur, even this particular resonance is not very specific—it fluctuates).

Please be aware that different scientists cite many different “magical frequencies” as being the best to utilize. Early on in the creation of World Sound Healing Day, select graduates of the Healing Sounds Intensive met on our Chat Room at to present ideas and exchange thoughts about this. In addition, members of the Sound Healers Association did the same. These included well known scientists offering their thoughts about which frequencies were best. Some cited different notes and frequencies for the Earth Resonance, including 10 cycles per second, whose harmonic would be an A at 440 cycles per second as well as the keynote of note F, which the ancient Chinese believed to be this resonance. However, we have worked with this particular frequency for many years and find it the most prevalent frequency acknowledged by more healers and scientists. Therefore, it seems as good a place as any to start with to using a sound that people could download. It is not, however, the be all and end all of frequencies—it is simply a place to start if this feels resonant with you. There are of course many other sounds that can utilized for working with planetary healing, as there are many other frequencies. (Please see the article “Planetary Healing Sounds” on this website for more information on this subject).

In addition, from many years of experience working with sound, I find that we all have different resonance—especially our voice. This is quite important with regard to much of my work, which honors the wide variety of vibrations of which we are composed. We are indeed, unique vibratory beings. Thus what works for one person will not necessary work for another. This of course includes what might be the “best” note to sing to project sacred sounds. I have found that when people sing in a comfortable and relaxed range, their voices are not only more effective for vocally creating the sounds, but also the energy coming from these people is more in alignment with their true essence. Thus, I place much less emphasis on the actual note being sung and much more emphasis on the energy being generated and transmitted by the sound.

Maximum Resonance

During discussions about World Sound Healing Day, there were additional questions that arose. One was the ideal amount of time needed to create the most effective resonance.

In order create the maximum amount of people engaged in our World Sound Healing Day; we agreed to suggest that the minimum time people tone for would be least 5 minutes. Certainly, people could tone for much greater time periods if they desire, and indeed, there are sacred sound groups occurring throughout the planet that will be engaged in sacred sound for much of day of February 14th. But for those who cannot do this, (and we know this will be the majority of the population who co-creates the Sound Heard Around the World) 5 minutes can generate miracles!

We all agreed that if possible, it would be great if everyone could stop what they were doing and devote an hour, or two hours, or perhaps even the whole day to focusing their attention on creating and projecting sacred sound—sound with the intention of love—towards the planet. What an incredible idea! We do this during the annual Healing Sounds Intensive, when for 12 hours; the entire group focuses our energy and projects tones for peace and planetary consciousness. It is an extraordinary event that has tremendous benefits for the planet. And it would be great if this type of experience could manifest throughout the planet.

However, I am also aware of two things with regard to time: 1). Most people do not have a full day to devote to making sound. Many people don’t even have an hour. But almost everyone can spare 5 minutes of their time to project sacred sound towards the planet and, 2). Time and space are mere illusions of our consciousness. Vibrational shift and transformation can occur instantaneously. Miracles can occur through the briefest intervals of focused sacred sound.

On one level, I agree that with regard to the power of sound, if I could, I’d have everyone toning for the entire day. The Day of Toning at the Healing Sounds Intensive is, for almost everyone who experiences it, one of the most powerful events, not only of the Intensive itself, but also of their very lives. The Day of Toning is quite amazing. People’s vibrational levels shift and change permanently. It must be experienced to be understood.

On another level, I have seen the extraordinary—great healings and major transformations—occur after only a short time of sacred sounding. Sometimes sound projected with focused intent can create powerful and permanent changes that occur almost instantaneously. Thus, both levels of understanding with regard to sound and time are true. In order to assist the largest capacity of people sounding together, 5 minutes of toning the “AH” heart sound was agreed to work best.

Another questions arose regarding the minimum amount of people necessary to create the maximum resonance on the Earth. Many wondered if there was a specific number of people needed to effect change on this planet, particularly during group meditations or group soundings such as the 5 minute toning of the “AH” sound for World Sound Healing Day—“The Sound Heard Around the World”.

One number that is frequently cited is the square root of one percent of the population. Gregg Braden, in THE ISAIAH EFFECT refers to research in which the first effects of mass meditation and prayer became noticeable when the number of people participating in the event was greater than one percent of the population. Crimes and terrorist activities dropped to zero in the area during the time of mass meditation and prayer. If you consider the population of the planet as approximately 6 billion people, then the square root of one percent of the population is approximately 8,000 people. Scientists working with the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, founder of TM, (Transcendental Meditation) describe the “Maharishi Effect” in which measurable reduction in crimes and violent activities occurred when less than one percent of a given population engaged in meditation. Their belief was that meditators were able to create a much greater field of consciousness than simply the space they were in—it was a bit like throwing a pebble into a lake—the tiny pebble creates ripples or waves that can spread out through the entire lake. Other scientists, including those at the Global Consciousness Project, have also observed this field of consciousness. While they have not stated any particular numbers necessary with regard to creation of this worldwide field, they did find this field of consciousness was able to directly influence sensitive electronics such as random number generators.

If 8,000 people can influence help create the energy of peace, just think of how much greater the effect could be with more people participating in a meditation—particularly if these people utilized the power of sound with intent to amplify the energy such as we are doing with the “AH” sound on World Sound Healing Day. As Gregg Braden has said, the more people who participate in these events, the more accelerated the effect. It is possible to make a truly powerful, and permanent shift in our everyday reality through generating peace and compassion through sound. We can make a difference! What a blessing!

Calibrating Consciousness

Recently, I came across a book that added some information with regard to this question of the minimum number of people required to create the maximum resonance of consciousness on the planet. Called POWER VS. FORCE, this book deals with the use of kinesiology to test for consciousness. The author, David Hawkins, MD, has created a scale from 1 – 1,000. It goes from lower to higher. 20 is one of the lowest calibrations for consciousness—here the person is living in shame—they are miserable, despising themselves and everything else. 1,000 is the highest calibration, indicating someone who is enlightened such as Christ or Buddha. This is someone who has achieved a state of pure consciousness.

According to Dr. Hawkins, 85 % of the Earth’s population is operating at 200 or below. It is interesting to note that Koko, the signing gorilla is operating at 250. This is due to her compassion and caring about life. Unless someone has truly developed a loving opened heart, they calibrate at below 500—even if they are a noted scientist, artist or thinker. Being in state of compassion, peace and love is the key to heightened consciousness. The more compassion and love we generate, the more divine we become. A small percentage of the population operating at higher levels of consciousness through generating compassion and love is able to balance the energy of everyone else. Through peace and compassion we can change the world, especially if we utilize sound to manifest this loving energy.

Biblical Prophecies

With regard to the minimum numerical amount of people necessary to create change, there are also those, like Dr. Len Horowitz, author of HEALING CODES who feel that 144,000 is a very special number with regard to Biblical prophecies. This number is cited several times in the OLD TESTAMENT. Dr. Horowitz believes that 144,000 people singing Yah’s praise together will instantaneously and miraculously deliver this entire planet back to the oneness of the Creator. (Please note that the “AH” sound is in the name, “Yah” as it is in the names of many of the Divine names throughout the planet). Perhaps, from a Biblical standpoint, 144,000 represent a minimum number of semi-awakened individuals necessary to create some positive change on the planet through a sonic meditation such as our World Sound Healing Day. The sonic vibrations created by 144,000 spiritually evolved people could bring about the transformation on the Earth, thus creating a condition of peace.

While some believe that there are very specific frequencies that must be sung in order to initiate this planetary transformation, I believe that having a large group simply tone the “AH” sound while projecting the heart felt energy of Love and Peace is enough to make a major difference. Together, we can effect powerful change on the planet Earth. These effects will be even more powerful if we can create an actual wave or “ring” of sound around the planet—The Sound Heard Around the World. Thus, on World Sound Healing Day, there will be a number of different soundings that will occur. Two global ones—one at 12 noon New York time and one at 12 noon Tokyo time—as well as individual soundings at the noon hour for all who participates time zone. The global ones will be carried by Internet radio; and These two major Heart Soundings will allow those in the Eastern and Western Hemispheres to take part in this Sound Heard Around the World.

In addition, at noon time wherever we may be throughout the planet, we can all send a sonic valentine to the Earth with an “AH” sound filled with the intention of Peace and Love! By sounding at the local noon hour, we will be sending a wave of divine sound that will resonate throughout the planet. What better way to celebrate this joyous day then to tell the Earth you love her and to generate peaceful energy throughout the planet with sound!


What will happen on World Sound Healing Day? Perhaps we will manifest a new dawn of humankind and peace will forever permeate our planet! There will certainly be more balance instilled on the Earth—more harmony and peace. Higher grids of consciousness will be anchored, encoded and activated. We will have created more compassion and love onto the planet. In so doing, we will have initiated extraordinary beneficial change. We will have manifested positive shifts generating Light & Love through Sound. What a blessing!

I thank all of you for your interest, your time and your loving energy in helping manifest World Sound Healing Day. Let us join together as a Celestial Choir and co-create the Sound Heard Around the World. Know that together our voices, our hearts and our consciousness can make a difference!

Harmonically Yours,

Jonathan Goldman