World Sound Healing Day
February 14, 2004
“Day of Toning”

Dear Sound Friends:

As part of World Sound Healing Day, we offered a Day of Toning at the Solstice Institute, 302 Pearl Street in Boulder, beginning at 9:00AM and ending at 6:00PM. This Day of Toning was be facilitated by myself, Jim Albani (who created the original concept of the Day of Toning) and my wife and partner, Andi Goldman. The focus of this event was sounding together for planetary peace. What we calll “Global Harmonization”.  People were invited to drop in and tone with us for just a short while or to sound with us for the entire day.  We were honored to have everyone with us.

For those of you who were able to join us at this event, or for those of you who wanted to create a similar event in your area, I’ve included an article about the Day of Toning, from the Healing Sounds Intensive Manual, which may be helpful in your understanding of this event. This is simply a model and a guideline that may assist you as you’re developing your own process for the Day of Toning.

Please note that at the Healing Sounds Intensive, the Day of Toning is quite an elaborate and powerful ceremony but it is just one variation on a theme. You can simply gather some people together and begin to sound at the appointed time. Also, you can add any elements you, yourself are guided to. I would like to suggest that: 1). You do not add drums, bowls, bells or other instruments—they tend to take away from the power and focus of creating the Day of Toning with just the voice, and 2). The more focused the intention of the people engaged in the activity, the more powerful the outcome will be.

While an elaborate ritual such as we do at the Healing Sounds Intensive may not be necessary, it is certainly important to “set the field with intent”, so that those participating in the toning realize they are in a Sacred Temple of Sound, sounding together for planetary peace! Also, please note that suggestions such as dividing the group up into 3 separate groups is not necessary either—particularly when people may be dropping in to tone with the group at various times. With such groups, we recommend that you simply “play it by ear” and let the sacred sound play the group.

In particular, with this Day of Toning, created in alignment with World Sound Healing Day, we would like to suggest that if possible, the “AH” sound be most prominent as the tone created on this day. No doubt other sounds will emerge, but we encourage you to begin and focus on using the “AH” sound.

Remember too that an “OM sound can easily be sounded as the 3 syllable Tantric version, the “AUM”, pronounced “AH—OO—MM”. With regard to this, some have found that playing “ULTIMATE OM” on repeat in the background during this event helps create a sonic field to tone along with. The ‘ULTIMATE OM” contains many sacred voices and sounds, including the “AH” sound that we have made accessible for downloading on this site.

Enjoy the experience! May Sacred Sound resonate Peace throughout the Planet on this day and all World Sound Healing Days!

Sending Blessings of Light & Love through Sound to you!
Jonathan Goldman

by Jonathan Goldman
 © Healing Sounds Intensive

 (Note: the following are the notes about the Day of Toning from the Healing Sounds Intensive. Please utilize what is appropriate for you. Remember the best sounds and rituals are fluid!)

The Day of Toning is for many, one of the pivotal points of sonic transformation experienced during the Healing Sounds Intensive. As such, we are always very excited to present this day long experience to you.

For many, the idea of being in sacred self-created sound for 12 hours is quite new and exciting. For most, it is something they have never experienced. The gathering of like mind individuals in sacred sound for extended periods of time in order to use self created tones for personal and planetary activation is something that has not occurred for a long, long time. Once, though still profound, it was quite common. We are glad to be able to assist in the reawakening of this important evolutionary sound activity.

The Day of Toning begins as we descend into the Cave of the Earth Mother, which houses the Temple of Sacred Sound. Each participant is cleared and purified through sage and other tools before being anointed by special oils. They then drink of water vibrating to specific essences.

Then, they are ready to enter the Temple of Sacred Sound. Once inside, they silently seat themselves in a circle. They will observe that on the floor at the center of the Temple is a geometric form created two intersecting circles. This form, created from sacred corn, is called the “Vesica Pisces”. The purpose and use of this geometric form will be explained in a session prior to our Day of Toning.

In addition to the sacred geometry of the Vesica Pisces, there will be actual 3 dimensional geometric forms that one can sit in and experience their energy. These geometric forms, supplied by Jim Albani for the Day of toning, have different attributes and energies, which will also be explained to us. These forms are a special compliment to our Day of Toning—a wonderful addition that assists our activation and energy.

The Day of Toning, as well as all other Healing Sounds Intensive ceremonies, initiations, activations and focus of attention will be dedicated to world healing. This has been true of all other Days of Toning, but from our perspective, never has the planet been in need of such focused energy of healing. It seems vital for our continuation and evolution as a species on this planet, as well as for the continuation of the Gaia energy itself. So, we dedicate this Day of Toning to Healing the Planet. All energies of peace, love, light and healing that we send out, we do so on both a personal and a planetary level.

We begin our Day of Toning, by having representatives from the different countries, continents, races, spiritual paths and religions honor themselves and their people. In addition, we will invoke and honor the different directions, divine beings and realms of consciousness.

Specific representatives will begin this ceremony, though all are welcome to join in setting the field of intent with their prayers and well wishes.

The participants of the Day of Toning will be divided into three separate groups—Group One led by Jim Albani and Sarah Benson, Group Two, led by Jonathan and Andi with Alec Sims, Group Three, led by Laraaji, and Dr. John & Ali Galm. These three Core Toning Groups will take hourly turns being the Core Toners who hold the energy of the sound. During these times, everyone may sound together for as long as they like. However, frequently, you will want to simply listen, meditate or rest during the sounding. This is encouraged because the Core Toning Group will be sounding—holding the tone and the intent of us all during this time. You will be assigned to your group prior to the Day of Toning. Please begin to assemble and file downstairs to enter our Temple of Sacred Sound at 8:30 am on Thursday morning.

Here is the schedule of groups:

9:00am – 10:30am All
10:30am – 11:30am Group One
11:30am – 12:30pam Group Two
12:30pm – 1:30 pm Group Three
1:30pm – 2:30 pm Group One
2:30pm – 3:30 pm Group Two
3:30 pm – 4:30 pm Group Three
4:30 pm – 5:30 pm Group One
5:30pm – 6:30 pm Group Two
6:30 pm – 7:30 pm Group Three
7:30 pm – 9:00 pm All

Fasting is encouraged during the Day of Toning. After the Day is over, light snacks will be available from the kitchen. Should you desire food, it will be available at lunch and dinner.

Silence is also highly encouraged during the Day of Toning in order to amplify the power of the toning. It truly is a potent addition to the experience. Please if possible, except for the toning in the Temple, keep silent. If you encounter people from the Sunrise community, simply touch your mouth and then your heart. They have been informed of the Day and will understand.

If you have any special oils, essences, mantras, or prayers that you would like to share with us for the Day of Toning, please let the facilitators know about this on Wednesday afternoon, prior to our Day of Toning.

The Day of Toning is one of the most special activities we have at the Healing Sounds Intensive. We thank you for sharing the awareness of this wonderful event with others.

Sending Blessings of Love & Light through Sound
Jonathan Goldman