Each Valentine’s Day, February 14th, for over a decade, there has been an event called World Sound Healing Day.  On this day, at 12 noon (at their local time) thousands of people throughout the planet join together and sound forth for 5 minutes with the “AH”, created and projected with the energy of compassion and love, sending a sonic valentine to Gaia, our Mother Earth. This year, on Saturday, February 14, 2021, we’ll be celebrating the 19th Annual World Sound Healing Day

We ask that if possible, people join together at this noon at the website: www.templeofsacredsound.org, a sacred place in cyberspace where we can tone together from anywhere in the world.  It is wonderful to be able to connect with each other over the Internet and this is strongly encouraged. However, there is nothing like making sound together with others in the same live space. In conjunction with our 12:00 noon 5 minute toning event, we like to request and suggest that those who can, might like to organize their own World Sound Healing Day event at anytime during the day on Feb. 14. My wife Andi and I facilitate a toning circle from 5:00- 6:00 pm that evening for local people in Boulder, CO to sound forth with the “AH” with encoded internationalized sounds of love for Mother Earth.

People frequently ask how to do this.  It’s really quite simple.  There are no requirements or restrictions for creating such an event other than to gather people together to make an “AH” sound and have them feel the energy of compassion and love for our planet while they are making this sound. It’s that easy. The numbers necessary to create a group can be as few as two or three and as many as a hundred or more.  You can sound together with a small group of friends and it will sound wonderful. Or you can create an event that’s much larger and open to the public.

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Oftentimes when a group is created and people come together in person, what happens is that even those people you might not know or know very well, will have become friends once you sound together.  This might be because of the release of oxytocin, the “trust” hormone that’s occurs when we’re sounding together with others. Or it could because when you’re resonating in a group with the energy of sacred sound, something wonderful and magical happens. Whatever the reason, toning together is a profound and remarkable occurrence.

It’s important to remember that this is not a “musical” experience, but rather a sound experience and it’s not necessary for anyone to have a background in music or singing in order to partake in a World Sound Healing Day event.  The “AH” is an extremely natural sound that we make when we’re feeling in a loving space. While it’s simply a vowel—quite non-denomination—it’s also a sacred sound and one that is considered to be the sound of the Heart Chakra, the center of love and compassion.  It is an easy sound to make and it feels great when you tone it. In addition, it sounds wonderful when intoned in a group. On World Sound Healing Day, you become part of a Celestial Choir that is helping to bring peace and harmony to our planet.

Many people find it useful on World Sound Healing Day to have the “AH sound that is found on our website www.templeofsacredsound.org  playing in the background in order to help assist the field of sound that is being created.  Thus, you have the live group being connected with others throughout the world via the Internet.  Additionally, in order to help amplify the energy of our intentionalized sound on World Sound Healing Day, there’s a free live “AH” Training Wave that can be downloaded from this website: www.worldsoundhealingday.org   

You can create whatever sort of ritual or ceremony that you like. Some spend much time organizing World Sound Healing Day events, renting out churches or other such facilities.  Others simply gather with others in their living room or similar places and make sound together.  As noted, there are no rules or regulations on how to create a World Sound Healing Day event other than to sound the “AH” together with the energy of compassion.  For those creating events, we have a special “Global AH” recording that is available as a free download.  Please visit us at www.worldsoundhealingday.org for more information on how to receive this.

People organize groups so they can sound together at noon, creating a wave of healing sonic energy that sweeps around our planet. Many like to gather in a circle, usually sitting on either a chair or the floor. Some like to visualize a holographic image of the Earth in the center of this circle and that as they are making this sound, they are bathing our planet with the energies of Light & Love through Sound. Please note that  if 12 noon doesn’t work for you or your group, sounding with love and appreciation any time of that day will be of great benefit, assisting in the creation of a coherent waveform that will beneficially affect the entire Earth.

Local toning groups will be occurring throughout the world at various times during the day of February 14th, with the intention of assisting planetary consciousness through sound.  These sonic events are wonderful, helping create a synergistic effect of positive shift and change for the world.”

Here, in Boulder, for example, there will be a large gathering of hundreds of people later in the day where we tone the heart sound “AH” for over an hour. In the middle of the group is a large quartz crystal bowl, which is filled with water. At the completion of our toning ceremony, each participant receives a cup of this water to drink. The water tastes like divine nectar, filled with the energy of Light & Love that we have projected to the planet. The remainder of this water is then placed in a creek that flows into the continental divide and ultimately takes this energy to the oceans that surround our country.

This is but one idea to utilize for this event. There are many, many others. World Sound Healing Day is a day of both personal and planetary healing. We heal the planet; we heal ourselves. We heal ourselves and we heal the planet.

I’d like to invite anyone and everyone who is planning to tone along with us on Feb. 14th, and particularly those who may be organizing an event around this day to let us know.   We’ve always received such extraordinary feedback from you with regard to your participation in the past for World Sound Healing Day.  

And please let the rest of the world know about it too. Through this kind of activity we can truly create a global sound community- manifesting a celestial choir that rings in harmony and peace throughout the planet.

Many Blessings of Love & Love through Sound to each and every one of you! My appreciation and gratitude is extended to you for all your efforts and love in sounding together for planetary peace and healing this coming Feb. 14, 2021 celebrating the 19th Annual World Sound Healing Day! 


Jonathan Goldman