Earthquake Rose

 These three slides were taken of what is now being called “The Earthquake Rose”.

On February 28, 2001, an earthquake of 6.8 magnitude located some 30 miles beneath the earth near struck Seattle, Washington. A sand tracing pendulum located at shop called Mind Over Matter, in Port Townsend, Washington produced some very interesting patterns. These photos of the sand tracings were taken by Norman MacLeod.

This first slide (left) shows the sand tracing pendulum



    This second slide shows the complete picture of the sand. Please note that the elliptical curves you see on the outside are what normally occurs when someone sets the pendulum in motion to make a tracing—without seismic assistance. Someone started the pendulum just before the quake.


This last photo shows what is being called “The Earthquake Rose”.. The patterns indeed looks very much like a flower, or the lotus of a chakra—almost as though the Earthquake was unleashing the energy of a chakra or perhaps creating a chakra for itself. Earthquakes create frequencies that are incredibly slow moving—very low and deep. Through the aid of the sand pendulum, we can see that these Earthquake rose photos are Cymatic images — images showing the waveform effects of sound. These images are a microcosmic indication of what may be occurring macrocosmically on the planet during an earthquake.