“I was moved spiritually to the depths of my soul. My life will never be the same because you have shared sacred sounds that awaken the inner care of one’s being. I thank you from my heart.” Dumyanthi Bhagwan, Medical Doctor., South Africa

 “An incredible experience! I never imagined such powerful transformation could occur so rapidly in such an atmosphere of love and light!”
Jason Stillwell, Musician, England

“The nine days was one of those mythic moments in which we were transported to a divine temple to undergo change, release and healing and be catapulted into a new interdimensional experience.” Penelope Shackleford, Journalist, California

 “I experienced an environment of compassion, joy, celebration and much laughter. We were able to ascend to a higher frequency where the angels of love, light and sound can interplay with us to our mutual heart’s content.” Ulli Hansen, Sidney, Music Educator, Australia

 “You are the great teacher for other teachers to come and the spirit of Shamael, Angel of Sound, guides you lovingly.” Brigitte Hartung, Sound Healer, Germany

“I am so grateful to Jonathan and company for gently sharing their wisdom and knowledge. I never knew I had it in me to sound so wonderful.” LuzClara Casilla, Shaman, Chile

“Thank you for creating a field of play that allowed me to rediscover a sacred and divine part of myself that I did not know existed.” Vicky Wong, Nurse, Hong Kong

“It was blissful and joyful. An unforgettable celebration of love.” Debbie O’Hare, Teacher, Arizona

“Experienced sound in a new way. The Intensive was incredible. I came back home transformed. I am so fortunate to have had this experience. I’m sorry I had to wait a lifetime for this. Jonathan you are a great teacher!” Tracy Sheets, Therapist, Ohio

“Brilliant insights, fine sense of the group, great sense of humor, approachable, honest in his presentations, creative use of music and has an easy way with people. Peter Ainslie, Minister, Maryland

Thank you for this extremely rich, moving, life changing experience!” Jane Wheatley, Social Worker, California

“A great opportunity to meet like mind people while getting the benefit of your teaching, feeling the energy created, and for me, the healing of mind and body. I’m sure the experience will open many doors for me and it is certainly one I will always cherish.” Valerie Davidson, Spiritual Teacher, England

 “A fantastic week. We are blessed with the tools we receive from Jonathan. I am deeply grateful for all that we experienced.” Sylvia Brunneau, Music Educator, Canada

 “It’s difficult to find words to express the sense of group-soul and coming together of familiar sacred beings, created by the environment of the Intensive.” Diarmuid Milligan, Chiropractor, Australia

“To date it has been one of the most moving, transformative experiences of my life.” Kim Regnize, Dance Therapist, California

“Jonathan is truly one of the great teachers on both the fundamental, and transformative levels of sound. What a journey!” Deborah Parker, Sound Therapist, Washington

“You will never know how great this experience has been for me.” Harold Wisch, Video Producer, New York

 “The Intensive has given me a new understanding of and ability to stay open to the higher energies, even while walking the walk of my daily life. Thanks again for a powerful, wonder and healing week.” Beth Wortzel, Psychotherapist & Musician, Wisconsin

 “The whole experience was transformative for me in every way. I have prayed and asked for this state of being for years and know that this is a permanent state. Jonathan, thank you for bringing that love to share with all of us.” Linda Cottingham, Spiritual Teacher, Texas

 “Just wanted to say thank you for facilitating such a varied and wonderful experience for me. I was able to have so many different experiences in the time we were together and I really appreciated the fact that each one could have been an experience that stood on its own. The Peruvian Vessels, the visiting Monks, the nightly chanting, the healing with sound lessons, meditations – everything was just wonderful. I was also amazed at all the learning I was able to accomplish personally through interacting with the group and the other teachers. I can’t even begin to imagine all that I’ve learned from these past nine days, but I’m sure that it will unfold as time progresses.” Susan Zummo, Therapist, Kansas

 “Thank you for an incredible sound experience! You have done an amazing job of setting a safe energy field, pulling together people of a common intention and approaching the sound healing teachings with integrity, excitement, and joy. I am so grateful to know you and to learn from you. There is a truly ecstatic and celebratory quality within the Intensive that I have not encountered in studies with anyone else in the sound field. This what I love the most! And what profound healing shifts occur within these altered states. I have been nourished on a very deep level, rejuvenated and fully tuned up.” Carrie Moon, Sound Healer, New Mexico