In addition to the room choice, accommodations at Sunrise Ranch include the full meal plan of 3 excellent meals per day as well as snacks and all day access to coffee & tea service.

Rates (per person per day) are as follows:

  • Commute ($45 per day)
  • Camping ($74 per day)
  • Dormitory ($93 per day)
  • Triples ($101 per day)
  • Doubles ($113 per day)
  • Singles ($139 per day)

After you contact us finalize your registration for the INTENSIVE, we will provide you will all necessary information to complete your reservations for Sunrise Ranch accommodations. Please do not contact them directly until after you have completed your Healing Sounds Intensive registration.

The HEALING SOUNDS INTENSIVE 2016 begins at 2:30 PM on July 16th and ends after lunch (1:00 pm) on July 24th. Many overseas participants arrive the day before the INTENSIVE in order to rejuvenate from the travel.

You will fly into Denver International Airport and from there take a shuttle to Sunrise Ranch. We will give you more information regarding the shuttle when you register with us.