When Every Child is Born
by Chris James

When every child is born,
When every new incarnation embarks upon this earthly journey
The sweetest of the deva’s
The most envied of angels comes to each new being
And places in their mouth
The most beautiful of gems.
This exquisite jewel, etheric, resplendent,
Starts to shine softly with the baby’s first cry.
And from then on,
Every laugh, every sweet sweet gurgle and chuckle
Keeps this jewel shining softly.

When the baby is sung to,
The songs weave a setting for this jewel
Of gossamer and silver light
That holds and sustains this most precious gift
Within the earthly vessel, still dormant,
Alive and well.
Waiting… waiting…

For the child’s first song.

And when this song sounds out,
The jewel transforms into light,
And this light spreads through the body of the child,
And brings with it an awakening, a joyful tingling opening,
That celebrates the awakening of the dance into life.

And from then on
It is the song that sustains the journey,
To the realisation of that being’s true destiny.
That jewel, there from birth,
Will shine brightly, fulfilling its purpose
As the song, both inner and outer,
Guides, within its rotating galaxy of light
Our intuitive knowing to our fulfilment

Do you know your song?
Are you able now to resonate with a full and rich essence,
Honouring that angel who smiled on you at your birth?
Do you heal with the softest of sounds,
That awakens in your loved ones
The leap of light into alignment
That brings with it such sweet healing?

Do you join with your friends and even those who you don’t know
In a rich joyous chorus of humanity
Singing together
Filling each other’s hearts with unfathomable love?

Did you not get sung to as a child?
And did the fear, like a shroud, cloak that jewel
So that it is barely visible,
even to the most perceptive of seers?

Did the absence of spoken truth
Douse the light like a candle plunged into water
So that concordance and resonance lost their meaning

Have you lost your path and are simply wandering,
Wandering until the next time that jewel
Is placed in your mouth at birth again

Trust, my friend
That jewel is never gone,
That flame still shines within you
And you can now take that leap make your journey
Step into the void and start to trust again
That you have your own unique destiny

And it starts now
With your sound and your song,
And a deep deep breath.