World Sound Healing Day Is Coming!

Every year since 2003, people throughout the planet have joined together on Valentine’s Day, projecting  a sonic Valentine of Love and Compassion to our beloved Mother Earth—the Gaia Consciousness.  This global toning is called by many different names in many different countries and languages.  In English speaking countries, it is called World Sound Healing Day.

As this event approaches, I can feel the energy build.  It is quite extraordinary.  We encourage people to sound forth at 12 noon their local time (whether you are in Ohio or Oslo or Australia, it does not matter). We also encourage people to create sound whenever it’s convenient throughout the day. Thus, this wave of healing sound energy goes across the planet as an extraordinary sonic band of Light & Love through Sound.

Every year, we have people and groups in so many countries throughout our planet participating in World Sound Healing Day.  Often, we find out about these offerings via listings on the World Sound Healing Day Events Portal or through the website, but also through emails that are sent us.  In truth, sometimes we find out about through such events long after World Sound Healing Day—someone will include information about it in a communication we receive much later.  I recently found out that there was World Sound Healing Day Festival held in a small mid-eastern country—something I certainly celebrated after the fact, but knew nothing about at the time.

The idea of World Sound Healing Day first came to me in a meditation sometime in the early 2000’s. I don’t know the exact date or even which year it happened.  I was deep in an altered state of consciousness when I heard a voice say:  “It is time now to expand your horizons.  For more than 20 years, you have focused your awareness on bringing the healing nature sound to the consciousness of others on a personal level.”  I understood this.  “Now it is time to expand this awareness and bring in the healing nature of sound on a planetary level.”  Again I agreed.  But that was it.  Whatever communications I had ceased.  I was not given any plan or told any particular way to do this.  I guess I had to figure this out for myself.

Shortly after this meditation, I realized that in order for planetary sound healing to occur on, it was necessary for three things to manifest:  1).  An actual day needed to be picked.  I thought that Valentine’s Day, February 14th, would make a wonderful time for this to occur.  It was also the anniversary of the official founding of the Sound Healers Association.  This was something that I had literally forgotten until several years after that first World Sound Healing Day.  2).  Some sort of website that helped people join together over the internet in order to project sacred sound for planetary healing.  This would become the Temple of Sacred which was initially a vision of mine, but I could not perceive how to create it.  I perceive that it needed some sort of patron in order to do this.  But that did not occur.  Suddenly, one day, I received an easy and simple manner of bringing this website to the planet and shortly thereafter it manifested,  3).  This event needed a name.  Through some various communications with peers in this field, a number of different names were suggested.  Finally World Sound Healing Day was chosen—it indeed seemed the most direct and understandable we could think of.  And this name came to be used.

Included in this new letter is another article explaining some of the reasons why an event such as World Sound Healing Day is both effective and important.  Lately, I’ve been researching some of the data of many different sonic exercises and events, including the physiological benefits of making self-created sound.  Recently, I was talking with a doctor friend of mine who was quite skeptical about all this.  Simple because in his rather well rounded mind, there would never be sufficient data that would either create a complete enough understanding of the subject nor please anyone.  I understand this.  Nevertheless, I have included this article about how and why “intentionalized sound” (or as I like to call it, “sacred sound”) can have the ability to interface with the energy of the Gaia Matrix and literally shift the consciousness of all beings on our planet.  It is, I realize, insufficient in terms of what, how and why.  I believe the energy of our intentionalized sound that is created on World Sound Healing Day as a sonic valentine for our Mother Earth may demand a science (and perhaps even a spiritual understanding) that is not yet available on this planet.   Yes, many of us realize the power of sound (“In the Beginning was the Word” and we also are aware of some of the results of various scientific institutions (such as the Global Consciousness Project), but these may be truly minimal in terms of our understanding of the power of World Sound Healing Day.

One thing I know is that World Sound Healing Day is extremely powerful.  Our sound and our consciousness has the ability of interfacing with that of our planet Earth and influencing the consciousness of all beings.  Another thing I know is that we are at a particularly interesting period in a planetary development and that by helping awaken others on the Earth we are helping raise the vibratory awareness of ourselves and our planet.  And the last thing I know for sure is that this interfacing of sound and consciousness is truly the ultimate tool in terms of shifting and changing our vibratory levels.  Through events such as World Sound Healing Day, we can create change!  We can make a difference.

As I like to say:  “We heal the planet, we heal ourselves.  We heal ourselves and we heal the planet!”  Indeed, we can make a difference.  It is our choice.