World Sound Healing Day Results

Image by Aprendiz de Amélie via Flickr
Dear Sound Friends:
On February 14, 2009, we celebrated the 7th Annual World Sound Healing Day with people throughout the planet toning an “AH” sound for planetary peace. The main focus of the event was a 12 noon Eastern Time, (US) but there were global sonic events throughout the day. It seems our soundings were most effective.
It’s very exciting for me to share recent data from the Global Consciousness Project (GCP), Princeton, NJ. The GCP uses data collected from equipment throughout the world to analyze and chart what many believe are changes in the consciousness of the planet. For more information on GCP, please click on this link: Global Consciousness Project

Healing the Earth through Global Sound

These days we seem to find our planet and ourselves in a difficult situation. Without judgment about why this has occurred, I’d prefer to focus on what could be done to assist this current situation.
Much of what’s going on seems to be a result of what is often called the “footprint of man”-the result of human interaction with each other and with our planet.  From this perspective, if we caused it and if we are part of the problem, then we can be part of the solution!  Humans are an amazing species and once we become aware of something, we can often focus our attention on it and find a solution. All that may be needed is for a portion of human consciousness to awaken to the reality that there is something that needs to be fixed. The question is: “How does this happen?” How can we as a species begin to become awakened?