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2009 Visionary Award Winner
“Best Meditation/Healing Music”

Ascension Harmonics is designed to help awaken listeners through enhancing altered states of consciousness and heightened awareness. Composed of Overtone Chanting, Tibetan bowls and bells, these undulating waves of Healing Sounds® will transform you.

Ascension Harmonics assists vibrational activation and frequency shifts. The sacred, multi-dimensional harmonic sounds are excellent for enhancing deep states of meditation as well as for shamanic journeys, rituals, and the ascension process.

“WOW, the experience was incredible! I felt like if I was connected to an electrical outlet. A huge current of energy passing through my body from the crown of the chakra and out through my feet. I was vibrating really high. What was curious is that I was expecting to be relaxed and calm and on the contrary I felt re-energized. I felt the love and reassurance that I was in the right path for the ascension. Thank you for creating this master piece, It is magical indeed.”EKM

“I can personally vouch for the power of these sounds. I experienced them as part of a balancing, releasing massage treatment complete with tuning forks and bells. Fantastic experience – fantastic journey!” LM

“Last night I did a solo Full Moon meditation. I knew there was an important shift of energies at this time. As I started into my meditation, I put on “ASCENSION HARMONICS”. As I was getting deeper into my center, I could feel the energies start to build and swirl around me. I could feel the God energy starting to permeate everything around me. I felt like a beacon, sending this sacred energy out into the world. It was so powerful, that I started to meld with the ALL. I did this for quite some time feeling the healing energies breathing in, out, and through me. The power and the beauty of your music brought me to my SOUL. I feel like I was reborn last night, and I wanted to extend my utmost Gratitute to you and your Sacred talents! Namaste!” SB

“While listening to the “ASCENSION HARMONICS” CD, I began channeling information again. Last time I channeled like this was 1989-90. It has been a long time since I have exercised my channeling “muscle”. So, with a little practice, I believe I can get more accurate and clear information. What I believe really happened was the “ASCENSION HARMONICS” CD became quite a catalyst for me.” GG


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 Ascension Harmonics  1:11:10
  Total Time : 1:11:10  
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Ascension Harmonics 1:11:10
  Total Time : 1:11:10  


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