SONIC OASIS: The 3 Minute Stress Relief Songbook


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New Release — June 2024

Reduce your stress in just 3 minutes with 
these specially designed Healing Sounds®!

“SONIC OASIS” features 26 peaceful atmospheric tracks of
ambient music to chill you out.

From international pioneering Healing Sounds® music master Jonathan Goldman comes “SONIC OASIS,” a new collection of recordings each under 3 minutes of length to be used by today’s busy listeners who want to have stress relief through listening to just one or all of these amazing and relaxing Healing Sounds.

This offering features 26 uniquely mixed and edited versions of Goldman’s relaxing, chill out atmospheric favorites including never before released tracks. Using specific healing frequencies, mantras, intervals, instruments, chants and soundscape sequences, Jonathan Goldman has enhanced his work with renowned ambient luminaries including Laraaji, Sarah Benson, Pendragon, Christian Bollman, Tia Malia, Crystal Tones, Ty Burhoe, &  Lama Tashi, to create flowing, timeless that will enable you to experience the fluid oneness of deep inner space.

Instrumentation includes: synthesizer, keyboards, crystal bowls, guitars, e-bow, flute, angel harp and vocal toning. Great for yoga, meditation, powerful relaxation, and healing.

Science has shown that listening to just 3 minutes of Healing Sounds will lower your heart rate, respiration, brain waves and improve immunological functions.

Release stress with “SONIC OASIS”!

  Listen to Samples  
  Track Name: Time
1. Convergence (Sonic Oasis Edit) 2:59
2. Golden Rose Dreams 3:11
3. Quiet Space (Sonic Oasis Edit) 3:03
4. Compassion/Beloved (Sonic Oasis Edit) 3:02
5. Dreamtime Initiation (Sonic Oasis Edit) 3:01
6. Heart Sutra (Sonic Oasis Edit) 2:59
7. Equinox (Sonic Oasis Edit) 2:05
8. Reverence (Sonic Oasis Edit) 2:58
9. Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen (Sonic Oasis Edit) 2:57
10. Light of the Ocean (Sonic Oasis Edit) 2:52
11. Song of Saraswati (Sonic Oasis Edit) 3:02
12. Ocean Gold (Sonic Oasis Edit) 3:00
13. Visions of Tara 2:59
14. Angel Dreams (Sonic Oasis Edit) 3:01
15. Sounds of Light (Sonic Oasis Edit) 3:00
16. Ganesh Blessings (Sonic Oasis Edit) 3:00
17. Journey to Samadhi (Sonic Oasis Edit) 2:58
18. Cho Ku Rei (Sonic Oasis Edit)) 2:58
19. Holy Harmony (Sonic Oasis Edit) 3:00
20. Divine Name: I AM (Sonic Oasis Edit) 3:00
21. Language of Light (Sonic Oasis Edit) 3:00
22. Rose of Compassion (Sonic Oasis Edit) 2:57
23. Merkaba of Sound (Sonic Oasis Edit) 2:59
24. Ocean Calling (Sonic Oasis Edit) 3:00
25. Sei He Ki (Sonic Oasis Edit) 3:02
26. Heart Chakra (Sonic Oasis Edit) 2:54
  Total Time : 78:11  

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