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Sounds of Light

Winner of the Gold Visionary Award for 
Best “Sound Healing Music” and “Frequency & Transformational Music”

10 Sacred Sonic Environmental Sound Baths  

featuring Lama Tashi, Sarah Benson, Laraaji  & Christian Bollman

From Healing Sounds® pioneer Jonathan Goldman comes Sounds of Light a new recording with 10 of Goldman’s relaxing, chill out sacred sonic environments that manifest the Sounds of Light

Working with some of the great sound healing luminaries of all time, including Lama Tashi, World Renowned Tibetan Chant Master, Sarah Benson, Divine Mother of Sound Healing, Laraaji, Godfather of Ambient Music, and Christian Bollman, German Overtone Singing Maestro, Goldman has created 10 enchanting environments of sacred flowing sounds that transcend time and space enabling you to experience the Sounds of Light.

Instrumentation includes: synthesizer, guitars, e-bow, Tibetan bowls, zither, flute, trumpet, Tibetan Deep Voice chanting, solfeggio frequency tuning forks, mantra chanting, and vocal toning 


“Jonathan Goldman’s music embodies a profound synergy of peace, clarity, and healing. He blends ancient and sacred sounds with psycho-acoustic recording techniques to create powerful, blissful, and hypnotic experiences.” 
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  Track Name: Time
1. Sounds of Light 6:16
2 . Tonal Alchemy 5:43
3. Language of Light 6:33
4. Entrance of Ganesha 7:45
5. Celestial Labyrinth 6:47
6. Chimes of Rebirth 4:44
7. Sacred Healing Codes 7:33
8. Rainbows of Venus 6:46
9. Golden Tones of Ganesha 6:53
10. Divine Dolphin 8:00
  Total Time: 67:45  

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