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Nurturing vibrations for your baby…and you!

This unique sound experience with ocean, heart beat, choral voices and dolphins is a classic, award winning bestseller! Jonathan Goldman, author of Healing Sounds, has created an amazing sonic environment for birthing, meditation, and deep relaxation. DOLPHIN DREAMS is used globally in homes, hospitals, and holistic centers by meditators and health practitioners to enhance health and wellness.

Originally created to accompany the birth of Jonathan’s own son 30 years ago, DOLPHIN DREAMS is one of the first recordings designed to enhance and assist in the birthing process. This process also includes both pre-natal and post-natal experiences and has been found to be great for parents, infants and even small children. 

DOLPHIN DREAMS is also the first commercial recording ever to feature the sounds of actual dolphins. It also includes a variety of different, organic sounds that have been proven to be effective in calming and relaxing both parents and their infants. It has the sounds of the ocean, choral voices singing a wordless lullaby found throughout the world, a slow heartbeat, and other soothing sounds including the mantra “Om”. All these sounds are encoded with frequencies and intention to create peace and tranquility for all who hear it.

Many listeners over the years have hailed DOLPHIN DREAMS as the most beneficial sleep aid recording they have even experienced!

A sonic oasis of deep tranquility and meditative relaxation

Perfect for Childbirth, Infants, Parents, Children,
and the Inner Child within us all!


“What nurturing would sound like if it could be recorded”  Body, Mind, and Spirit

“Best special production of the year. For anyone desiring to experimentally return to the womb of the Great Mother”  Wholelife/Earthstar

“Reduce stress with the soothing sounds of Dolphin Dreams  Vogue Magazine


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