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    *** NEW RELEASE — February 2020 ***
A New Musical Compilation from
Jonathan Goldman
Created to Assist World Sound Healing Day & More!

12 Heart Chakra Opening Musical Selections For You!

Music for the Heart Chakra is a sequence of different musical  selections created to enhance opening and resonating the heart chakra. It was designed to assist any experience in which this is  desired. The magical sounds will fill you with bliss and tranquility.

“Every year, in order to help enhance awareness of World Sound Healing Day,  I facilitate various presentations.  As part of these events,  I play music specifically created to activate the Heart Chakra–the chakra of love, compassion and Oneness.  These musical selections include excerpts from “Chakra Chants”, “The Lost Chord”, “Holy Harmony”, “Medicine Buddha” and many more.  In order to assist those who seek heart opening experiences,  I have now collected these songs as well as new selections  for this compilation.  May they assist all who co-create various events that incorporate positive consciousness and for those who seek inner peace!”  Jonathan Goldman

This therapeutic recording will also enhance meditation, healing, inner sonic journeying, and deep rejuvenating sleep. Music for the Heart Chakra is great for yoga, body work, meditation, and pure relaxation.
Music for the Heart Chakra is a magical sonic journey that will fill you with bliss and peacefulness. The beautiful and powerful psycho-acoustic ambient sounds are perfect for healing and transformation.

Experience the Sonic Love & Compassion of MUSIC FOR THE HEART CHAKRA
The Best of Jonathan Goldman’s Heart Activation Music

  Listen to Samples  
  Track Name: Time
1. “Wings of the Heart(excerpt) from “CHAKRA CHANTS” 5:58
2. “Heart Chakra” (Remix) from “CHAKRA DANCE” 3:59
3. “Convergence” (excerpt) from “CELESTIAL REIKI II” 6:34
4. “Heart Sutra (excerpt)” from “MEDICINE BUDDHA 5:22
5. “Ultimate Om” (excerpt) from “ULTIMATE OM” 5:15
6. “Call of Compassion” from “THE LOST CHORD” 4:02
7. “Holy Harmony” (excerpt) from “HOLY HARMONY” 5:37
8. “Rose of Compassion” (excerpt) from “CRYSTAL BOWLS CHAKRA CHANTS” 5:13
9. “En Lak Ech” from ECSTATIC SONICS 4:45
10. “Heart Song” (excerpt) from “CHAKRA CHANTS 2” 5:02
11. “Moon Over Bali” (excerpt) from “MOON OVER BALI” 4:57
12. “Global Ah” (excerpt) from “GLOBAH AH” 5:03
  Total Time: 62:09  


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