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A sonic environment to help initiate and
manifest personal and planetary healing

In response to many inquiries from participants in the annual World Sound Healing Day, and visitors to the Temple Of Sacred Sound, we are pleased to release this special recording. In the tradition of the ULTIMATE OM, this piece consists of a composite of a large number of people toning the “AH” syllable. This is an extremely powerful sound–particularly useful for generating peace and compassion. I know you will agree that peace and compassion are truly keys to transformation of consciousness on this planet.

 As you may know, the “AH” sound is a sacred seed syllable. It is found in most of the God and Goddess names on the planet (Tara, Buddha, Krishna, Yah, Astara ), as well as many of the sacred words (Amen, Alleluia, Aum). Most mystical traditions worldwide also find it to be the sound of the heart chakra. Yet, as a vowel sound, it defies denomination or description as a mantra and is acceptable by everyone.

You may enjoy this recording as a beautiful sonic space setting and clearing tool. Many people begin to feel enhanced tranquility simply from listening to this heart-centered soundscape. But to experience some of the higher benefits, you are encouraged to use this recording as a model and accompaniment for your own toning practice.

Includes a bonus guided meditation track with exercises to create a coherent field between your heart and brain!

  Listen to Samples  
  Track Name: Time
   Guided Meditation  3:33

Global AH Tone 59:57 
  Total Time: 63:30  

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