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In this DVD, internationally acclaimed teacher, author and chant master Jonathan Goldman takes us on a fascinating tour of the world of Sound Healing. Through lecture, meditations, healings, and visual imagery, he shows us how to use the innate power of sound to heal our bodies, clear our minds, and renew our spirits.

 From the ancient knowledge of the past to the advanced science of today, Goldman reveals a magical world that is created, healed, and transformed by the power of sound. In his insightful and informative lecture, he introduces us to some of the basic concepts in the use of sound as a therapeutic and healing modality. Included in this lecture are topics such as: the vibratory nature of our world, brainwave activity, bio-resonant frequency, sonic entrainment, the magic of Cymatics, the effects of sound on the immune system, Masuru Emoto’s work with water molecules and the power of right intention in the healing process.

In the course of this DVD, Jonathan Goldman discusses and demonstrates the use of the voice as a potent instrument for the restoration and maintenance of optimal health, how the power of music can assist us in leading more vital, energetic and well-balanced lives, and how we can use simple techniques of sound healing to bring more luminosity into our bodies and energy fields. In addition, through the use of visual images, he shows us how sound vibrations can change molecular structure, as well as how sonic frequency coupled with intent equals healing.

 Also included are excerpts from Jonathan Goldman’s many award winning albums.

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