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2014 Visionary Award Winner!
Best Frequency and Sound Healing Music of the Year

“Let go of your concerns and stresses and relax into the deepest part of your being. This outstanding Merkaba music will take you directly there.”  
                                          Ed & Deb Shapiro, authors of “Be The Change”

Journey through the universe with one of the most advanced sonic tools for the activation and enhancement of consciousness!

MERKABA OF SOUND weaves a spiraling vortex of inter-dimensional Phi Sonics featuring a masterful blend of the Divine Name chanting and toning of Healing Sounds Pioneer Jonathan Goldman with the Deep Voice intonations of master Tibetan chanter, Lama Tashi.

The word “Merkaba” is an ancient mid-eastern term—found in both the Hebrew and Egyptian traditions—referring to a vehicle of inter-dimensional travel for body, mind and spirit. MERKABA OF SOUND transmits these ancient energies to the modern world via an enchanting tapestry of sacred sounds all harmonized in the Phi ratio.

Over 10 years in the making, this landmark recording presents a rich alchemy of vibrations that will enhance ascension to new levels of being.

Perfect for Meditation, Energy Work, Body Work, Relaxation, and Transcendental Journeying


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1. Merkaba Of Sound 58:44
  Total Time: 58:44  


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