The MOSES CODE Tuning Forks


HEALING SOUNDS TUNING FORKS are made of the finest precisely tuned aerospace grade aluminum alloy which will not degrade or corrode and will maintain their constant frequency and perform flawlessly for a lifetime.

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The MOSES CODE Tuning Forks™

This special pair of tuning forks was created by Healing Sounds® pioneer Jonathan Goldman exclusively for James Twyman, author of THE MOSES CODE. These tuning forks utilize the principles of Gematria “an ancient Hebrew system that equates numerology to the Hebrew alphabet” in order to create tuning forks which utilize the numerical and sonic energy of “EHYEH ASHER EHYEH” often translated: “I AM THAT I AM” (or as James Twyman reveals in THE MOSES CODE: “I AM THAT, I AM”)

Made of the highest quality aluminum, The MOSES CODE Tuning Forks™ create a sacred sonic relationship that brings harmony to those who receive their frequencies: balancing the nervous system, increasing the auric field, and expanding consciousness. In addition, people who have listened to them have indicated that they hold amazing healing properties and help initiate and enhance spiritual experiences. A six page instruction manual is included with each set of tuning forks.

Many people who have used these tuning forks believe they are the Frequencies of Manifestation. Find out for yourself!

Nov 2017 Update–Now includes custom velvet carrying pouch

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Weight .5 lbs
Tuning Fork Frequencies

250.5 and 336 Hz