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Grammy Award Finalist!
“Best World Music”

There are 12 well known Tibetan Mantras on this exceptional album, including “Om Ah Hum” and “Om Mani Padme Hum” featuring the sacred Deep Voice Chanting of one of the World’s foremost Tibetan Chant Masters.

Produced by Healing Sounds pioneer Jonathan Goldman, this CD was created as a 3 fold tool:

  • For pure profound listening pleasure
  • To create sacred space and vibrational shifts and
  • For listeners to learn sacred Tibetan mantras. There is a specific order and function for each of the chants on this recording, which work together in order to assist personal and planetary consciousness. Lama Tashi’s voice is amazingly powerful and deeply resonant creating extraordinary harmonics as he chants. At times, his voice is multi-tracked and the recording sounds like a monastery full of Tibetan Chant Masters. This is a remarkable recording that will benefit anyone’s sacred music collection.

Includes a 24 page booklet about the chants.


  Listen to Samples  
  Track Name: Time
1. Setting Motivation 8:38
2. Mantra Of Blessing (Purification) 9:22
3. Guru Rimpoche (Tantric Abilities) 8:37
4. Heart Sutra ( Enlightenment) 8:49
5. Avalokitesvara (Compassion) 8:31
6. Manjushri ( Wisdom) 9:02
7. Vajrapani ( Power) 5:47
8. Buddha Amitayus ( Long Life) 5:44
9. Buddha Ushnisha Vijaya ( Good Karma) 5:10
10. Tara ( Protection) 5:51
11. Medicine Buddha ( Healing) 5:30
12. Dedication Prayer :54
  Total Time: 57:32  


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