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“Goes straight to the heart
and nutures the soul.”
                                                                     Visionary Music

Bring Tara, Goddess of Compassion home and let her move you. This meditative masterpiece created by empowered Chant Master Jonathan Goldman is sure to infuse you with divine energy. A Spirit Music best seller! Features male and female choruses, Tibetan Overtone chanting, Singing Bowls and powerful tribal drumming.

 Great for movement, meditation, and trance dance. Listening to this recording is a ritual unto itself.

“Wonderful benefits can be had by listening to The whole in one sitting or dancing. Highly recommended”  COMMON GROUND

“Robert Gass & On Wings of Sound meet Gabrielle Rothh & the Mirrors in a Himalayan Monastery.”  NEW AGE RETAILER

 Listen to Samples 
 Track Name:Time
1. Tantric Tara 26:22 
2. Dreamtime Tara 25:49
 Total Time : 52:15 

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