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“Tranquil, serene and utterly soothing, the music on this recording will allow you to experience true inner healing. The transformational energies of sound will bring balance to the body, mind and spirit.”

                                                                Jonathan Goldman, HEALING SOUNDS

 Experience the Sounds of the Ancient Healing Temples!

 Listen with awe and reverence to the sounds of the beautiful and sacred silver flute playing of Sarah Benson, the “Divine Mother” of Sound Healing. Feel the healing and transformational energies of deep meditation and relaxation!

Sarah’s playing on FLUTES OF INTERIOR TIME will take you on an inner journey to the Temples of the Ancient Mystery Schools, where Healing Sounds were used to bring balance to the body, mind and spirit.


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  Track Name: Time
1. Flutes Of Interior Time  26:41
2. Ecstatic Flutes 25:46
  Total Time: 52:37  


Sarah Benson was a master sound healer, musician, teacher and initiator into the mysteries of sacred sound. An extraordinary flutist, Sarah’s playing will transport you to higher realms of consciousness. One of the original pioneering teachers in the arena of sound healing, she has been inspirational to many in this field, in particular demonstrating the healing power of unconditional love with sound. She was an embodiment of the Divine Mother and imparted this loving energy via her sound and music throughout her long and rich career

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