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JONATHAN GOLDMAN Sound Healing Pioneer, Master Teacher, Grammy Nominated Recording Artist. Creator of “Chakra Chants,” “Ultimate OM,” “Holy Harmony” and many more. Author of  HEALING SOUNDS, SHIFTING FREQUENCIES, THE DIVINE NAME, and THE 7 SECRETS OF SOUND HEALING.  Jonathan has been named as one of Watkins Reviews “100 Most Spiritually Influential People on the Planet.” View Jonathan’s Welcome Video 

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Greetings & Welcome to the World of Sound Healing

I’m Jonathan Goldman, author of “Healing Sounds“, creator of “Chakra Chants“, president of Spirit Music and Director of the Sound Healers Association. In conjunction with many dedicated and visionary people, I have spent the past three decades working to bring sound healing and sound therapy into mainstream awareness. We couldn’t be more excited how all of this effort has paid off.

Within these pages, you will find: Articles & Interviews, an excellent Bibliography as well as Vibratory Research. These Healing Sounds focus on many different aspects of sound therapy including: resonance, psycho-acoustics, entrainment, toning, harmonics, chakras and mantras.

Our new OnLine Store brings you books, CDs, tuning forks and other sound healing  tools to help create health and balance. Please consider the various teaching and training opportunities that I present around the world in the form of various Healing Sounds workshops and the Healing Sounds Correspondence Course — they are truly transformative sonic experiences!

Harmonically Yours,
Jonathan Goldman



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